Through A Glass Darkly XVII

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The soft breath of a gentle wind stirred the palm leaves which joined the soft shush of the surf sluggishly making its way onto the pristine beach. Beams of sunlight broke into a million diamonds on the spray that danced over the rocks at the head of the bay and the sweet sound of Black Capped Vireo’s in the jungle that swept up over the hills. Just another day in Paradise.

Daniel sighed; in fact it was their last but one day in Paradise. Despite the heart attack inducing levels of stress this vacation had involved, he was a little in love with the place. He was hoping, now that they both had a closer relationship with Simon de’Vere, the chance to visit La Troza, without alien interference, would not be a pipe dream.

Apart from going home there were other issues on Daniel’s mind.

Jack and sex, or rather the lack of it.

The last recovered memory had been rough, he couldn’t deny that. There were places he’d had to go he’d much rather have avoided. But there was also a certain sense of release that Daniel couldn’t deny. It was as if that particular part of his life had been lurking in his psyche – poisoning his subconscious – and now it had been lanced. In practical terms that had meant a long day shivering, despite the warm temperatures, and being held closely by Jack. Then the nightmares had come and he’d spent another two days almost comatose with sleep deprivation; Jack, once again, always by his side despite the older man’s tiredness. Now though, Daniel felt more like himself, renewed in fact and somehow a little stronger in spirit and lighter at heart. The problem was that Jack was still in full mother-hen mode; solicitous and caring, gentle and kind to a fault. Trouble was this also meant that Jack was being overly cautious with Daniel as far as his physical and sensual needs were concerned. Oh, he was there with hugs and cuddles; holding Daniel, lavishing him with gentle kisses and soft stroking caresses. But the couple of times in the last day when Daniel had tried to take things further; to deepen the kisses or direct the warm stroking to other, more eager parts of his anatomy, Jack had drawn back with a regretful smile.

It was beginning to piss Daniel off.

They would soon be back to real life – a place where casual touches and relaxed, open affection would be not only difficult but forbidden. It was going to be hard enough to go back to their hidden life together without wasting their last two days on misplaced concern.

Although the events of his short time in Dikan’s ‘care’ and the recovered memory of them were shocking and tragic, Daniel could feel the benefits of having them out in the open. Yes, he’d been abused physically and emotionally by Lisjack’s actions and traumatised by the death of his foster sister. Yes, the knowledge that he had run while she had taken her own life had weighed so heavily on his teenaged psyche that he had repressed the memory. But – and this was a big but – he had not seen her lying there dead in a pool of her own blood, he’d only imagined it. With the benefit of hindsight, and the greater knowledge of the pain one being could inflict on another his present life brought him, he could see this event for what it really was – a tragic incident that should never have happened. He couldn’t bring Lizzie back; he couldn’t take away the pain she’d suffered before he had even been placed in that house. But he could actually believe that his presence there had given her the courage to act in the way she did, to escape from the horror of her life. Daniel would never wish for her to have died; maybe he could have told someone, but with adult eyes he could see how little power they’d both had when faced with the will of a trained and dangerous killer.

Jack had given him the love and space he needed to process these thoughts. What he needed now was to place himself firmly back in the present as Jack’s lover and partner. Jack seemed to think he needed to keep a little distance when, in fact, Daniel wanted to get as close as possible.

An idea began to form in Daniel’s mind; a plan that needed some help and he knew exactly the right person. With a small, quiet smirk he moved away from the doorway and back into the house, heading into the kitchen where his chosen accomplice was always to be found.


Jack lay stretched out on the long couch in the family room, watching as Daniel and Izel had a seemingly intense conversation in the kitchen. He smiled a lazy, sexy smile at his lover as Daniel looked across the wide room, but apart from a raised eyebrow, Jack got no hint of what was going on. Even though Daniel looked as calm and relaxed as he had for the last few days, Jack’s trouble radar was pinging. So, he began to get up, planning to eavesdrop on their meeting and hopefully raid the plate of delicious sugar cookies that Izel had only just removed from the oven. The vanilla/spice scent was filling the room and Jack’s stomach gave a gurgle of pleasure at the promise of several of the biscuits making their way into his belly in the next minute or so, along with a glass of the sweet guava juice he knew was stashed in the fridge. As he stood and stretched his arms above his head he noticed Daniel’s eyes zeroing in on the patch of skin beneath the risen hem of Jack’s t shirt. Although he carried on talking to Izel, Daniel didn’t take his gaze from Jack and the older man milked the moment for as long as he could. The fact that Daniel found him attractive was always a boost to his, not inconsiderable, ego. He had to admit he had missed the feel of Daniel’s body on his, but he was very aware of the trauma the recovered memories had dragged with them out of the slime and he was doing his best to be gentle and caring and not push Daniel for anything that might be too emotional, or that would encourage flashbacks. That was getting more and more difficult with each day and now they were so close to returning to Colorado and the ‘real’ world, Jack was craving his lover’s body more than ever. Once home they would have to go back into hiding and Jack found himself hating the idea.

The sound of the phone ringing jarred him out of his thoughts and as he was closest he reached for the handset.

“Paradise found,” he dead-panned.

Jonny.” Simon’s warm baritone was a surprise. Jack hadn’t been expecting to hear from him before they returned home.


“Just so you know, Jack, this is not a secured line.”

“Understood.” Jack got the message immediately. Simon had something to tell him but he was going to have to read between the lines.

Thought you’d want to know I heard some news about an old colleague of ours today.” de’Vere’s voice sounded nonchalant, as if he was imparting some mundane piece of information. “Do you remember a Croat called Lisjack?”

Jack felt his heart rate rise a little. Now this was what he had been hoping for. He schooled his voice to mimic Simon’s semi-interested tone. “Yeah, yeah, I think I do. Some South American mission wasn’t it?”

Yes, that’s the one. Well, news on the wire is he’s been found in a village just outside An-Najaf.

“Found?” Jack was a little wary of that word. It made it sound like the bastard was still alive. That wasn’t what they had discussed and Jack had to work hard not to let his frustration leak over into his voice.

Wire has it he was on an unsanctioned mission. Troops on routine sweeps found him hanging from the side of a building. He was nailed up by his wrists and ankles.”

“Nasty,” Jack commented, whilst thinking that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

That’s not all,” Simon continued, a little gloating tone coloring his voice. “He’d been gutted and his innards doused with petrol. The troop commander seems to think they scared off the hostiles before they could set light to him. Whoever it was did a real number on him. He was still alive, barely, when they found him, but he died on the way to the field hospital.”

Jack felt something click in his head as he heard those words. Revenge was not usually in his personal lexicon. He had killed in self-defense and in circumstances that would seem dirty to those outside his world, but he had never killed for pure revenge. This though, felt so completely right that he could only allow the satisfaction to settle in his gut. “Well, that’s a real shame. We’ll have to have a drink on him.” His voice was light and only slicked with the faintest veneer of concern and he was sure Simon could hear all the things he wanted to say; the kind of things Simon was probably saying himself on the other end of the line.

Yeah, I have a nice brandy I wouldn’t mind sharing for a good cause.

Jack could almost hear the laughter and he let a smile split his face.

So, on a lighter note, you‘re heading back to civilization in a couple of days, right?

“Day after tomorrow. It’s a late flight so we won’t be back in the Springs till late Friday night. When will you be coming to the States next?”

Davin has a shoot at the end of the month, so I thought I’d use the opportunity to come over, meet up with you guys at the Mountain and do some house shopping.”

“That gives Danny and I the chance to do a first trawl of the real estate agents and get them looking for what you want…which is?”

Nothing too huge, although I’ll be expected to do some entertaining of British Service types. I’ll probably be looking for something with no more than ten bedrooms, eight or nine full bathrooms and formal as well as domestic living space. A cottage in the grounds for staff would be good, too. A nice view of the Rockies would be the icing on the cake.”

Jack shook his head and blew out a breath. “You may have to think about building if you want a spread like that. How much are you wanting to spend?”

“No more than 5 million.” Simon said blithely.

“Dollars!?” Jack yelped

No, don’t be an idiot, Jonny, none of your Yankee money. Pounds sterling. I should be able to get what I want for that, eh?”

“Crap! I should hope so. The agents will be queuing up to earn the kind of commission you’ll be paying.”

Well, find me some people to talk to and I’ll be happy. The sooner I have a place of my own the happier I’ll be, and in the meantime I’ll take Daniel up on his offer of the use of his apartment. I take it you won’t mind having him as a house guest for a while?” Simon almost sniggered but kept it together, well aware that this kind of conversation should also not be carried out on an unsecured line.

“Yeah, he’s bunked with me before, so it won’t be a problem.” Jack did smirk and his all too pleased look caught Daniel’s attention. The younger man patted Izel’s hand and began to make his way over to the living area. “Hey, Si, I have to go and eat some of Izel’s cookies, so we’ll catch you at the end of the month. Thanks for letting me know.”

The pleasure was all mine.”

“Simon,” Jack said in reply to Daniel’s raised eyebrow. “He wants us to talk to some agents about finding him a house. They’ll be over in the States at the end of the month.”

Daniel smiled broadly. “Great, I can’t wait to see Davin again. He’s going to take me shopping in Denver. Apparently there are a few relatively unknown young designers based there that have come to his attention and he wants to check them out.”

“Designer shopping with an international model? I hope you realize what damage that may do to your finances. Simon has already scared the crap outta me by asking me to look for houses in the nine million dollar bracket,” Jack frowned.

“Yeah, but just think how cool it will be to have a friend with that kind of place. Parties, Jack.” Daniel teased him and winked.

“I’m more a beer and hockey kinda guy,” Jack grumbled.

Daniel gave him a blinding grin. “Yeah, and I love you just like that, too.” Daniel put his hands gently over Jack’s cheeks and drew him in for what started out as a chaste kiss but soon turned into a deep, passionate lip-lock that left Jack slightly winded and diamond hard. As Daniel lifted his lips from Jack’s the older man moved to follow his lover’s soft mouth, but Daniel was already stepping away.

“I’m going for a run,” he said, his eyes full of heat and mischief.

Yeah, it was getting hard to be the concerned, caring partner. Very hard, just like Jack.


Jack wandered into the kitchen, bare-chested, his beach shorts hanging low on his hips. A post sugar-cookie rush had left him dozing and lethargic under a parasol by the pool. The rest had left him feeling refreshed and, if he was honest, more than a little horny. He was thinking of testing out how Daniel felt about some afternoon delight – that was if he could find him. The house was quiet and Jack started to get a little concerned about Danny’s run and whether or not he’d actually come back yet. He checked the clock on the oven and realized he’d been sleeping for a couple of hours and he had no idea where his lover or Izel were. A noise from the patio doors behind him made him turn, expecting to see his lover. In fact he came face to face with the dark eyes and broad smile of Juan, the pilot of the panga.

“Buenas tardes, Señor.”

“Hey, Juan. We don’t usually see you in the afternoon. Hasn’t Izel gone back to the mainland yet?”

“Yes, Señor. I have just come back from taking her over. I am here to find you, now. We are to go for a trip, yes?”

“A trip?” Jack frowned, “Is this something to do with Daniel?”

Juan shrugged, his face a picture of innocence that Jack didn’t trust one little bit. “I was just told to collect you, Señor. I have no knowing what for.”

Jack gave an irritated huff. He didn’t like surprises, but it looked as if he was going to have to swallow down his misgivings and go along with the boatman. He was sure Daniel had something planned, but he wasn’t quite convinced he was going to enjoy it. His stomach gave a disgruntled groan and he realized it had been a while since he’d eaten anything substantial. “Do I have time for a snack,” he asked, but found himself unsurprised when Juan shook his head.

“I must return to the mainland in an hour, so we must darse prisa.” Juan snorted at Jack’s uncomprehending frown. “Hurry, hurry,” he explained.

“Alright, keep your pants on,” Jack grumbled. After a quick dash upstairs to grab a fine cotton shirt and slip on a pair of open-toed sandals, he followed the Mexican out of the house and over to the panga which was bobbing just back from the edge of the surf, where the deeper water began. They both waded out and heaved themselves onto the deck of the boat. Jack got himself settled at the prow as Juan expertly started the outboard engine and began to maneuver the small craft away from the surf line and out into the bay, angling to follow the curve of the beach around to the right of the house.

Jack looked back at Juan and smirked. “So, you can tell me, where are we going? I promise I won’t let on that you told me.”

“Señor Daniel said you would say that.” Juan answered, infuriatingly.

“Awww, come on. I hate surprises. At least give me a clue.”

Juan barked out a loud laugh. “He said you would say that, also.”

Jack turned back to the sea with an irritated huff, but then turned back to look at the pilot with a quirked eyebrow. “I never thought of this before, but how does Izel get on the boat. I’m sure she doesn’t wade through 100 feet of seawater and heave herself onto the deck.”

Jack was gratified to see a dark blush spread across the other man’s tanned skin.

“I do not make her do such a thing, she is a verdadera dama – a woman of manners, si?”

“Soooo,” Jack continued with a grin, “answer the question…how does she get into the boat?”

Juan’s blush darkened even more. “I carry her, Señor.” He admitted and then stuck out his chin in a defiant pose.

“Oh, Juan, you dog!” Jack teased with a wink. He was about to poke the hapless sailor a little more when the panga bumped up against the sandy bottom just feet away from a golden beach which Jack recognized immediately.

Juan gave him a knowing look and pointed off towards the two palm trees leaning into one another. “Señor Jack, I was told to tell you to follow your feet and you would find something…interesting.”

Jack smirked back at him and jumped off the prow of the boat, splashing through the shallow water until he reached the soft golden sand beyond. He turned and gave Juan a jaunty salute before setting off up the beach towards the entrance to the ‘Enchanted Cave’. His heart was beating a little faster than normal as he reached the place where the sand met the jungle beyond. His memories of the erotic time they‘d spent in this magical place filled his head and he began to harden in anticipation.

“Now, Jack,” he mumbled to himself, “let’s remember that Daniel might not want what you want.” He knew what he wanted, his body was practically begging him for it, but he was aware that the events of the last few days had been very emotional for Daniel. “Just take it easy, old man,” he sighed to himself and then let out a pained yelp as his foot impacted a rock on the path. He drew his foot back and was about to kick it out of the way when he realized that his bare toes and a rock wouldn’t have been a happy meeting. He’d half stooped to pick the stone off the path when he recognized that it was part of a larger pattern – a bent arrow pointing off to the right, away from the entrance to the cave. He couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed as it looked increasingly like he wasn’t going to get a repeat of their first visit to the cove.

He walked on for several meters on the sandy path leading deeper into the jungle, taking careful notice of what was beneath his feet and he was rewarded with several more makeshift arrows made of twigs, small rocks and shells.

Finally, his eyes still trained on the ground in front of him, he almost walked straight into a large rock formation that was split down the middle, as if some giant had taken an axe to it. It reminded him a little of the entrance to the Unas cave and he gave a little shudder at the memory; that hadn’t been a good day. As he scanned the rock he found a large X marked on it alongside a rather lascivious looking smiley face. Jack once again found his hopes rising along with the contents of his shorts and he grinned to himself as he squeezed through the rather narrow gap.

Almost immediately the space opened out into a pathway which was lit by glow-sticks. Their green light gave the walls of the cave an eerie feel and Jack heard the sound of water – a lot of water – just up ahead.

After a few meters further on Jack stopped in his tracks, so overwhelmed by the view in front of him, his breath froze in his lungs. The pathway opened out into a large cave, twice the size of the one Simon had found. A pool of sparkling water covered the floor and Jack could see the bottom was only three feet or so down, by the light of several more glow-sticks, blue this time, which shone up from the depths. By far the most breathtaking sight was the twin waterfalls which raced down the back wall of the cave, and there, highlighted by hurricane lanterns and pastel pink lights was Daniel. He was turned with his back to Jack, submerged to the lower swell of his bottom and totally naked.

The sound of want that came from Jack’s mouth was feral and guttural and he barely stopped himself from leaping across the pool and claiming his mate. ‘Maybe this is an Unas cave after all,’ he thought, as he licked his lips.

The noise must have been louder than he thought or else Daniel had heard him enter the cave. His lover turned and gazed at him over his shoulder, the water powering down over his slick, naked skin making him look like some kind of water god.

Daniel said nothing, didn’t even smile and the spray from the falls caught on his eyelashes and brows, reflecting the flickering light of the lamps like a myriad tiny diamonds.

Jack couldn’t find his voice and was unable to make his leaden limbs work. He felt frozen in place by the sight of his lover, so beautiful and otherworldly. It could have been mere seconds or hundreds of days, Jack had no idea how long they stood there looking at one another. Finally Daniel made the first move, turning away from the torrent and wading across the shallow pool, his wet muscled body shining with a rainbow of lights. The thatch of dark hair leading to his half-hard cock was just visible above the undulating surface and Jack felt his mouth go dry with want.

And then Danny was right there in front of him in all his naked glory. Jack reached out a trembling finger and traced the passage of a large water drop as it made its way from Daniel’s temple, down his cheek and along his jaw. He continued the same path, trailing his fingertips down the long neck and onto his broad, muscled chest. Without a sound Daniel mirrored his actions, feathering his fingers over the outline of Jack’s nipple beneath the fine cotton of his shirt. The silence felt as heavy as their breathing and Jack could feel a prickle of sweat break out across his shoulders as Daniel’s long fingers began to push the buttons of his shirt through the buttonholes. There was no urgency in his actions, but there was a telltale tremor in the younger man’s fingers as he opened the front of the shirt and smoothed his hands across Jack’s lightly haired chest.

Jack let out a shaky breath, still fighting with the urge to hold himself back from his lover. He wanted him, God, how he wanted him, but he also didn’t want to do anything that might take Daniel back to his recovered memories.

Daniel leaned forward and pressed a small open-mouthed kiss to Jack’s temple and then breathed into his ear, “You’re thinking too hard, Jack. I want you…I want to suck you and then fuck you and make some memories of this beautiful place that belong just to us, OK?”

Jack’s speech center was completely overwhelmed by Daniel’s declaration of intent and so he just nodded, his chest heaving with desire.

Then Daniel was kissing him, hot, heavy and totally owning him. Jack found he was perfectly fine with that and allowed Daniel to take control. His lover spread his big hands across Jack’s shoulders and pressed him back until he felt the rough cave wall behind him. Smoothing his hands over and across Jack’s upper arms Daniel pushed his shirt down and off his arms until it pooled behind him, dropping down onto the sandy floor. Daniel carried on kissing him, stealing Jack’s wits and breath, as his deft fingers untied the cord and popped the button at the waistband of Jack’s shorts. Those, too, seemed to be spirited right off his body without Jack having any idea how it happened. Finally they were both naked apart from Jack’s sandals. He had no intention of moving his mouth from Daniel’s and some small part of his brain decided that he would just have to carry on wearing them no matter how dorky he ended up looking.

Daniel, however, had a different idea. Gracefully he sank to his knees at Jack’s feet. Jack got fully hard so quickly he swayed with the blood loss from his brain as he looked down and saw Daniel’s beautiful mouth so close to his straining cock. Daniel ran light fingertips along Jack’s ribs then pressed his thumbs into the crease between his belly and thigh. Jack swallowed thickly, his cock giving a jump in Daniel’s direction as if to make its presence known. His lover’s mouth curved in a knowing smile, tongue peeking out to swipe across his lower lip and Jack gave a very unmanly whimper, his legs trembling in anticipation. Rather than leaning forward, Daniel continued the motion of his hands and took them down the length of Jack’s legs; across the muscled thighs, down past the scarred knees to his bony ankles, where he deftly flicked the straps on Jack’s shoes. Pressing upwards he encouraged Jack to lift his leg as he hooked off the first sandal and then placed Jack’s naked foot on his broad shoulder. Jack felt exposed as Daniel pressed small bites up his calf muscle as his hand whispered back up his inner thigh. Daniel didn’t stop until his hand was gently cradling Jack’s balls, his long pointer finger lying flat against his perineum, not moving but putting exquisite pressure on the sensitive flesh. Pre-come was pooling at the head of Jack’s cock and Daniel leaned forward as his tongue snaked out to taste. Jack moaned and the sound echoed around the cave, amplifying it above the sound of the rushing water.

After a couple of cat-like laps Daniel moved back and placed Jack’s foot on the floor, before repeating the whole move again with the other foot. This time his finger moved back further, glancing across Jack’s pucker and it felt to Jack like every nerve ending was pulsing with tiny electric shocks. He was glad of the solid rock behind him as his legs went weak and he leaned more heavily against it.

“Ffffuck, Danny,” he managed to breathe out as Daniel once again placed his foot on the floor. Jack’s cock was jumping in time with his pulse which was thundering in his ears. He hadn’t been this turned on from so little stimulation since he’d been a kid, but he felt almost on the verge of coming without Daniel even having touched Jack’s cock with his hands. His gaze wandered down the length of his body as Daniel shuffled slightly to place his mouth only millimeters from Jack’s erection. With a wicked smirk Daniel folded his hands behind his back. The dominance of his expression mixed with the subservience of his pose fried Jack’s synapses. Time seemed to slow as he watched Daniel lean forward and engulf his cock in that lush, hot, wet mouth. Jack clawed at the rock behind him with scrabbling fingers as he fought for any semblance of control against the onslaught of Daniel’s clever mouth. The younger man pressed forward until the head of Jack’s cock was nestled in his throat and then, with an almost demure look up at Jack’s face through his lashes, he swallowed, deep-throating Jack with consummate ease. It was all too much. His orgasm powered up his legs, around his hips and into his balls like an express to ecstasy. He came so hard there were white spots floating in his vision and the sound of the rushing water in the cave was muted by the thundering of his pulse in his ears. He shot three times; the third spurt landing in the center of Daniel’s tongue as he pulled back to breathe. While Jack was panting, still shuddering with aftershocks, Daniel rose gracefully and pressed his whole body against Jack from knees to chest and, grasping his chin with strong fingers, he pressed his tongue into Jack’s open mouth, feeding him his own come.

Jack moaned and his cock gave a half-hearted final spurt before his legs gave out from under him. Only Daniel’s weight against him held him upright and Jack was grateful when his lover placed strong arms around his shoulders holding him against the younger mans firm, broad chest.

“Can you walk now?” Daniel asked a few minutes later.

Jack let out a little whimper. He was still having an out of body experience, but he was also aware that Danny hadn’t come and Jack could feel the heat of the younger man’s hard length against his trembling thigh.

“Umm…yes?” He answered, still a little unsure whether it was a lie or not.

Daniel laughed, full and throaty and so sexy that Jack’s cock gave a little lurch, as if it was trying to kid itself there was any chance of getting hard again in the next century. “OK, well I’ll help.” He started to lead Jack around the side of the pool and to the left of the twin falls and Jack noticed in the gloom a line of glow-sticks fading off into a dark recess at the back of the cave.

“Where are we going?”

“I’ll give you one guess.” Daniel replied with a grin.

Only a few steps further and the roof opened out and the space in front of them became familiar. The platform bed and the myriad crystals sparkling by the light of several flambeaus gave Jack a thrill of familiarity.

“Danny, when did you do all this?” Jack looked at the younger man, his eyes still dazed.

“I didn’t go for a run, Jack.” Daniel grinned again. “Wow, I really killed some brain cells there didn’t I.”

Jack nodded and went willingly to the bed and slid down onto his back with only a little pressure on his shoulders from Daniel. His lover stood at the end of the platform and dragged a heated stare across Jack’s sated body.

In a split second the dark, dangerous Daniel was back as lust clouded his eyes, his pupils blowing out to almost eclipse the vivid blue irises. Like a cat he slinked over Jack’s body on hands and knees until their mouths were level. The next kiss was deep and possessive and spoke of heated passion.

“I want you to listen to me, Jack,” he breathed into the older man’s mouth. “I am not some fragile little flower and you know that. I’ve been through more in my life than most other people. You and I have seen things and places most people would never believe.” He nipped briefly at Jack’s lower lip and despite his very recent orgasm, Jack found himself getting turned on all over again.

“You don’t have to protect me,” Daniel continued, “and you definitely shouldn’t withdraw sex from me. I want you, Jack, all the time. You are the constant in my life and this is the one thing we can share that is just ours.” The kiss that followed was warmer and more loving, but still with the edge of danger that was pulling Jack back to heightened arousal.

“We have to hide from everyone else. Even those people who know about us can’t really talk to us about it. But when it’s just the two of us we can be as open as we want to be. And I never, ever, want to feel like you’re holding back just to protect me. You understand?”

Jack nodded and then groaned loudly as Daniel’s tongue plunged into his mouth, taking and tasting, hot and limber against his own.

Jack jumped slightly as slick fingers pressed behind his balls and slid along his taint to skim around his hole. He had no idea when Daniel had managed to find and uncap lube, let alone coordinate wetting his fingers, but he couldn’t find the brain cells to care. He was overwhelmed by Daniel’s mouth and fingers and body.

“Danny, yes baby, fuck me, please.” He pleaded, unashamed of his need to feel Daniel inside him.

“My pleasure,” Daniel purred as his finger slid smoothly inside Jack right to the second knuckle, making Jack hiss with the pleasure/pain of the initial burn. One finger quickly became two and then three as Daniel grew more aggressive, his need to be buried inside Jack overpowering his higher brain functions.

Jack was riding his fingers, angling his hips to facilitate pressure on his prostate and the sounds he was making were driving Daniel insane with need. Finally, he could take no more and, rising to his knees, he pulled Jack’s legs across his thighs and pressed his almost painful cock against Jack’s slick hole.

The hot, tight space around the head almost robbed Daniel of his control. “A mi hombre, mi precioso puto hombre,” he moaned as he tried, with almost superhuman effort, to hold himself back, to give Jack time to adjust to the thick stretch of his length. But Jack was unwilling to wait and pressed his heels into Daniel’s ass, pushing him forward until he was buried balls deep.

“Fuck me, Danny.” Jack moaned, his eyes hot with desire and arousal.

Daniel growled and pulled out in one slow smooth motion before plunging back into Jack’s welcoming heat over and over again. “Quiero ser dueño de su cuerpo, que te folle duro y largo hasta llegar con mi nombre en sus labios exuberantes. Mi amor, mi vida.”

Daniel’s strokes soon became stuttering and uncoordinated as his orgasm pooled in the base of his spine. He’d been simmering on the edge of arousal all day and now he was finally where he’d wanted to be for the last few days, he found he couldn’t hold back.

Jack was clutching and clawing at Daniel’s back, his renewed erection rubbing slickly against the tight muscles of Daniel’s lower belly and the sounds that were coming out of his mouth were adding a layer of aural sensation over and above the feel of Jack’s body beneath and all around him.

Finally the stimulation was all too much and with a yell of completion, Daniel fell into orgasm, filling Jack over and over again, moaning loudly.

The vision of Daniel, head thrown back in the throes of coming, alongside the feeling of his come hitting Jack’s prostate took had Jack following his lover over the edge and left the older man hanging on to Daniel as they both shuddered through aftershocks and then welcomed the warmth of afterglow.

“So,” Jack murmured drowsily. “Sex is back on the menu then.”

Daniel snorted and tightened his arms around his lover. “It’s never been off, you idiot.”

“Good to know,” Jack hummed contentedly as he drifted off to sleep.

A mi hombre, mi precioso puto hombre: My man, my gorgeous, fucking man.

Quiero ser dueño de su cuerpo, que te folle duro y largo, hasta llegar con mi nombre en sus labios exuberantes: I want to own your body, to fuck you hard and long, until you come with my name on your lush lips. My Love, my life.

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