Through A Glass Darkly IV

TAGD 4 Title

“I don’t think this is such a good idea, Jack.” Daniel followed his lover out onto the beach, watching as he pulled the goggles over his eyes and adjusted the snorkel. “It’s not even been 24 hours since you passed out in your own vomit,” he continued worriedly, “So diving is definitely not a great idea.”

Jack snorted. “Who are you, Janet Fraiser?” He shook his head. “I’m a grown man, Danny. I risk my life every time I go through the fucking Gate. I don’t think a little snorkelling in twenty feet of water is going to put me in any danger, do you?” Jack turned and held his hands out to his side.

“No,” Daniel agreed reluctantly. He didn’t want to be a killjoy, but so far this trip had been one physical or emotional disaster after another. He really wanted to get back on an even keel, but something was keeping him slightly off balance.

“Look, if you’re worried then why not come with?” Jack’s eyes softened as he looked over at his lover. “I know you can snorkel. Let’s see if we can find the Enchanted Cave.” he smiled hopefully.

“Enchanted Cave?” Daniel’s eyes lit up. “What Enchanted Cave?”

“Simon found it one time when he was here and he wrote to me about it. I have a good idea where it is. It’s got some interesting rock formations apparently.”

Daniel felt his feathers ruffle at the mention of Simon’s name. How could a guy from Jack’s distant past make him feel so jealous and possessive? Trying to shake off the twinge of annoyance that set him on edge he plastered a big smile on his face. “Great. I’ll go and get my stuff – don’t leave without me!”

Jack watched him loping up the beach and into the house. Despite his best efforts Daniel had not covered his irritation at Jack’s name-dropping and he could have kicked himself. This holiday was supposed to be a time for them to get away from the stresses of their work and to reconnect with one another. The virus that had made Daniel so ill had been the last straw for Jack. He couldn’t stop thinking about Daniel’s convulsing body and about how scared he’d been of losing his lover. Jack shook his head. He’d never had the inclination for maudlin thoughts before. In fact he had trained himself not to think about what could’ve happened in any situation. What was happening now was the most important thing, staying in the moment; dealing with issues as they arose and then…He sighed. All these weird dreams he was having were of the past and it was playing havoc with his equilibrium. He felt off balance and stretched somehow. It was as if there was something he should be doing but what it was he had no idea.

Flopping down onto the soft sand he began to pull bright blue flippers over his feet, making sure the ankle strap was comfortable and untwisted. More than anything now he wanted to be in the water, away from all the stress and confusion; he needed to float and stretch with no walls or ground to restrict him. He rolled his head, easing his stiff neck muscles and turned to look for Daniel’s return from the house. His stomach gave a lurch as he looked straight into the very blue eyes of a boy, no more than twelve or thirteen years old, who was staring back at him with the kind of disdain only a teenager could muster.

“Hey,” Jack called out warily. “Where did you spring from?”

The kid just carried on staring at Jack, eyes coldly assessing him. Jack had seen that look before in battle-hardened soldiers; their emotions battened down where nothing could get to them; carefully controlled in a way that no child’s should be. Jack felt a shiver trickle down his back. Again this kid looked familiar and Jack was starting to get a bad feeling about the random appearance of children in this supposedly unpopulated corner of the Mexican coast.

“Look, kid,” he tried again. “We both know you shouldn’t really be here but, hey, I’m not mad. Just wondering why that’s all.” Jack made to stand up and saw the boy tense. He was ready to run and Jack didn’t want that. He was going to get to the bottom of this and he could only do that if he could get this kid to communicate. Where was Daniel when you needed him? This was more his bag than Jack’s. Trying to make his movements slow and easy he placed one flippered foot on the sand and began to rise. If the kid decided to run he would never catch him with half a yard of bendy rubber on his feet. He watched carefully as the kid’s eyes widened. A look of abject fear replaced the earlier blank look as the boy seemed to see something terrifying over Jack’s left shoulder. Despite all his training Jack found himself turning his head and following his gaze. He winced as the sun bloomed from behind a small cloud and momentarily blinded him; bringing stinging tears to his eyes as he flinched away from the overwhelming brightness.

“You okay, Jack?” Daniel’s voice was concerned.

Jack was disturbed that he hadn’t heard Daniel coming down the beach. ‘Slipping up, old man,’ he thought distractedly. He shook his head to dislodge the irritation from his eyes and then turned back to where the teen had been sitting. There was nothing, not even a dent in the sand where the sullen young man had been and Jack felt his stomach turn.

“Jack?” Daniel tried again. He crouched down and placed a hand on his shoulder, worried to feel a slight trembling under the older man’s skin. “Right, that does it. We’re not going swimming. I’m calling for the boat. Something’s wrong and we need to get it sorted out.”

Jack couldn’t explain why, but he was certain that going to the hospital on the mainland was a bad idea and anyway, he didn’t want anyone but Janet Fraiser poking and prodding him.

“Danny, I’m fine,” he barked out, a little more severely than he had meant to, “just managed to look straight into the sun, that’s all. I’m fine. Stop worrying!” He reached out and softened his harsh words with a squeeze of Daniel’s thigh, relishing the slab of muscle encased in warm soft flesh. He looked into Daniel’s worried face and smiled his most winning smile. “Come on; let’s go find us a mermaid.”

The frown of concern Daniel was wearing softened slightly and he smirked a little, “a mermaid, huh. I quite fancy the idea of a merman myself although the question arises how do mer-people actually ‘do it’?”

“Do it, Daniel?” Jack snorted. “How old are you, thirteen?”

Daniel sat down to pull on his flippers with a wry grin and Jack was relieved to see his redirection had worked. Underneath his own amused exterior, though, there were a million questions, not least of which was whether or not he was losing his mind.


The water was cool despite the hot sun beating down from the cloudless sky. Both men were strong swimmers and had made good progress from the shore out to the tip of the cove. Jack was searching the shoreline for a tell tale rock which Simon had told him was flanked by two bent palms that framed it perfectly. He was starting to think that either his ex-lover had been spinning him a line or they weren’t far enough around the coast when Daniel shouted.

“Jack, come on, look! God, you have to see this.”

Jack turned to see Daniel plunging back under the surface and, taking a controlled breath, he followed behind. To his utter amazement he found himself surrounded by thousands of tiny squid, no more than half an inch across. They moved in tiny jerks and propelled themselves with little squirts of water. Jack was entranced. Their bodies were jeweled with magenta dots and a sheen of green iridescence flashed on their skin. Looking over at Daniel, Jack could see the wonder and excitement sparkling in his eyes and he curled his thumb and forefinger into a circle, giving Daniel the OK sign.

Jack smiled around his snorkel mouthpiece as Daniel moved his hand through the shoal of little bodies and several squidlets attached themselves to his skin with tiny tentacles. ‘Always with the touching, Danny,’ Jack thought to himself. He felt his lungs start to complain at the lack of oxygen and, waving to get Daniel’s attention, he pointed upwards. Daniel nodded and kicked out powerfully streaking the few feet to the surface with consummate ease. Jack felt his cock give a lurch at the sight of all that muscle moving so sensuously and he rushed to follow.

He broke the surface to find Daniel floating serenely on his back, looking up at the almost cloudless sky, his goggles and snorkel hanging around his neck.

“They’ve found a species of squid that’s gay you know.”

Jack almost swallowed seawater as his mouth dropped open. As a non sequitur went it was a doozy.

“Really,” he managed to cough out, causing Daniel to look over and grin at his look of shocked amazement.

“Yeah,” Daniel continued. “Dr Hoving and his research team have found that Octopoteuthis deletron males mate with other males as a matter of course.”

Jack snorted. “Tentacle sex sounds a bit kinky to me.”

“You’re the kinky one to even think of it like that, Jack.” Daniel rolled over and swam lazily over to Jack, sculling gently to keep himself just a few inches away from his lover. “Same-sex sexual behavior is well documented in the animal and insect kingdom. There’s a book about it by Marion Zuk.”

Pulling his goggles up onto his head Jack frowned and reached out, hooking behind Daniel’s neck and, drawing closer. “How do you know all this stuff?” He asked, bemused.

“The same way you know what year the Avalanche lost to the Blue Jackets, what the goal average of each player is and yadda yadda: Because I’m interested.” Daniel affected a haughty expression that just made Jack want to kiss it off his face. So with soft lips and a hungry tongue he did just that. Their arms and legs wrapped around one another, they drifted with the gentle swell of the sea as they tasted the strange mix of salt water and snorkel rubber alongside the more familiar flavors of ‘Jack’ and ‘Daniel’. Jack felt his interest start to rise along with his cock and he insinuated his thigh between Daniel’s legs, flexing the large muscles and causing Daniel to moan into the kiss.

“You starting something in front of the squid kids, Jack?” Daniel breathed as he smoothed a hand over Jack’s butt.

“N’uhuh,” Jack grinned. “But not ‘cause of the kids,” he explained. “Salt water and penetration really don’t mix, especially with all the sand particles suspended this close to the beach.”

“Ouch,” Daniel winced.

“Yeah. However, if we were to find say…an enchanted cave with some nice dry rocks…” Jack winked suggestively, “Then you might just find out what I can do with my tentacle.”

Daniel blew out an explosive laugh and almost dunked himself under the surface. “Oh, you’re so smooth, Jack,” he giggled. “How could a boy resist an offer like that?”

“Hey,” Jack deadpanned, “I bet it works for the squid.” With another over the top leer he twisted away from Daniel and with exceptional grace began to swim towards the tip of the cove where lazy waves pushed their way onto a small patch of shale. Daniel watched for a moment, glorying in the play of muscles under the skin as Jack powered away from him, his stroke strong and fluid. Not for the first time Daniel felt a thrill of excitement run through him. This was his lover. This wonderful, funny, irascible, drop dead gorgeous hunk was all his and Daniel’s trunks suddenly felt very tight indeed. Not wanting to waste any more time he followed quickly.

Jack was already on the beach scanning the forest in front of them as it meandered down the steep slope onto the white sand.

“There.” Jack pointed up to a dark hollow framed by two palms that curved towards one another as if to kiss. “Just like he said. Come on, Danny. Let’s go exploring.”

They both pulled off their snorkels, goggles and flippers and left them in a pile on the beach, just above the tide line. They could walk back along the beach, but both of them wanted to have another look at the sea life so it was best to make sure their equipment didn’t get washed away. The cave was only about 30 feet up a steep slope and the ground was sandy and dry so they were able to pick their way up to the entrance barefoot. As they got to the cave mouth Daniel gave a little groan.

“It’s dark in there, Jack.”

Jack turned, a moue of surprise on his lips. “I know you’re not afraid of the dark, Daniel.” He looked confused. “So what’s the problem?”

“Well,” Daniel drawled sarcastically, “What’s the point of being in an enchanted cave if you can’t see why it’s enchanted?”

“Ah ha!” Jack exclaimed. “All we need is what’s here in my trunks,” and he suggestively cupped his groin.

“Jack, your dick may be utterly spectacular, and believe me when I say I think it most definitely is…”

Jack grinned smugly.

“But even you have to admit that it doesn’t glow in the dark.” Daniel gave him an ‘I-rest-my-case’ shrug and shook his head.

“No,” Jack drawled. “But these,” he crowed as he pulled a pack of waterproof matches and a sachet of lube from the pouch that was sewn in the front of his trunks, “and this,” he continued as he drew a ready-made flambeau from the mouth of the cave, “will give us more than adequate illumination and lubrication wouldn’t you say, Dr Jackson?” Jack’s face was a picture of glee as he handed over the lube to his younger lover. Daniel’s eyes sparkled as he watched Jack light the torch with practiced ease.

“God, you are such a boy scout,” Daniel teased as they began to make their way cautiously into the interior of the cave. He was about to make another comment on Jack’s level of preparedness when his breath was taken away by the sight in front of him.

All around them the flame of the torch was reflected back from millions of crystals embedded in the walls. The cave itself was not that large, probably no more than eighty square feet, but the roof towered at least twenty feet above them and was encrusted with the same lucent formations, each giving off a dazzling display of reflected light. In the centre of the floor was a roughly made but comfortable looking platform piled with cushions which were covered with the kind of all weather fabric you found on lawn furniture. Someone, (most probably Simon, Daniel decided) obviously came here regularly. Daniel tamped down the curl of irritation that seemed to follow after every mention of Jack’s ex-lover, even if it was only in his own head. ‘Jack has never been here with him,’ he reminded himself. This was a first time for both of them and by the look of the platform it was going to be amazing.

Jack hooked the torch in a bracket that reminded him of the fittings on a Ha’tak. With a slight shiver Jack shook off the unpleasant reminder and began to apply himself to his favorite task, namely that of seducing his lover.

He turned to find Daniel already perched on the edge of the platform, the twinkling of the crystal walls tipping his hair with silver highlights and making brilliant splashes of color across acres of lightly tanned skin. He swallowed as he took in the spectacular creature that was his lover. Never, since he’d admitted he liked boys as a teenager, had Jack imagined such a wonderful man could ever be his. His cock lurched in the confines of his tight trunks and his heart began to beat hard in his chest. The surge of lust hit him like a train and in only a couple of strides he was at the platform and sweeping Daniel over onto his back.

“Hello, lover.” Daniel’s voice was sultry with want and Jack’s mouth went dry at the sound. “What do you want?” Daniel asked, drawing his tongue slowly across his bottom lip. He knew exactly what he was doing and Jack found himself pulled in, drawn inexorably towards that full mouth.

“I want…I want…,” Jack stuttered, tongue tied by the myriad of possibilities Daniel’s body offered. “I want to fuck you, so long and so slow that you forget your name. I want to suck you so hard that you’ll be coming dry for a month. I want to kiss every inch of you, make love to you with every part of me and then…then…”

“Then?” Daniel moaned breathless with arousal.

“Then I’ll do it all again.” Pushing Daniel back onto the padded platform Jack began to kiss him with barely leashed passion. His hands roamed over rapidly drying flesh that was sun warmed and smelt of salt and ozone. Their tongues met in a hot and needful dance, each pushing at the other, demanding more and cranking up their arousal.

Daniel shivered both with need and cold as Jack’s damp swim trunks slid across his leg. “Off,” he groaned, ineffectually pulling at the tight spandex that stretched across Jack’s flexing ass. Still focused on his lover Jack could only grunt as he dived back into Daniel’s mouth, tasting and mapping urgently, as if he had never kissed his lover before.

“Jack!” Daniel tried to get his attention again, this time with a hitch of his hips, but he only succeeded in mashing their rock hard cocks together. Daniel gave a cry almost of pain as the shock of desire made his legs turn to jelly and his balls tighten in warning. “No!” he shouted, only just managing to stop himself from coming by a sheer act of will. Jack raised his head in alarm, wondering if he’d inadvertently hurt his young lover.

“Get these wet trunks off,” Daniel managed to grind out, still fighting with the distinct possibility that he might just come in his pants. With a quick grin Jack stood and peeled the damp swimwear over his muscled thighs. Daniel couldn’t watch. It was just too erotic. The faint sheen of water on Jack’s skin was picking up the sparkling from the crystals all around them and made Jack look otherworldly. Biting his lip to distract himself, Daniel hooked his thumbs under the elastic waist of his Speedo’s and carefully wriggled out of the clammy fabric, throwing them onto the sandy floor of the cave.

Jack stood and looked, captivated by the sight as Daniel lay panting and aroused on the cushioned platform. It seemed like every plane of his body, every angle, curve and muscle was limned with fire as the crystal light twinkled around him. Jack shook with both lust and love for this magnificent man; his lover. Unable to stop himself Jack reached out to touch the acres of exposed skin that drew him inexorably forward until he was kneeling between Daniel’s spread legs. Jack’s hand trailed across his chest, barely touching the skin yet leaving trails of fire that made Daniel moan.

Needing to taste, Jack’s lips followed his hands in their journey pressing barely there kisses to Daniel’s trembling body. “Jack,” he breathed, his voice shaking with need. “God, Jack…” His voice left him as Jack’s mouth encased his hard, weeping cock in burning wet velvet.

Suddenly Jack was overcome with desire. He engulfed Daniel and began to lick and suck, rolling his tongue in long, luxurious passes over the head. He took the thick cock further into his mouth, relaxing his throat and swallowing down, pressing his tongue the full length of the throbbing vein. Daniel was incoherent, thrashing his head from side to side as Jack raised him to higher and higher levels of arousal. He was breathing in stuttering gasps as he fought to stop himself thrusting into Jack’s maddening mouth. It was only when Jack pushed both his hands under him and grabbed his ass that Daniel realized Jack wanted what he was trying so hard to stop. Aided by the squeezing pressure of Jack’s hands on his tense butt cheeks Daniel began to pump his cock deep into Jack’s mouth, each thrust accompanied by a low grunt. They soon found their rhythm and Daniel could feel the hot pin point pleasure of his orgasm as it built in his gut and behind his balls.

“Unh, unh, gonna, gonna…Fuck, Jack…yes, God, yes…coming, Jack… I’m coming…”

Jack felt overwhelming pride that he could reduce this brilliant mind to this level of incoherence. He turned his hand and pressed the pad of his thumb into Daniels ass hole. This final stimulation pushed him over the edge and he came in long hot spurts down Jack’s throat, his hips thrusting and writhing as his orgasm seemed to last forever.

Unable to wait any longer Jack let his lovers still pulsing cock fall from his mouth. He clawed desperately for the sachet of lube that Daniel had dropped on the cushion beside his head. With shaking hands he tore off the perforated top, fighting a little with an overwhelming urge to just throw it down and manage without. His head won that particular fight. He had no wish to hurt Daniel, but he was so turned on it was all he could do to make his hands co-ordinate enough to squeeze the cool fluid from the little packet onto his palm. With trembling hands he coated his rock hard erection and then spread the rest over the fingers of his right hand.

“Gonna fuck you now, Danny,” he growled. “Gonna do you so good.”

Daniel was still shaking with aftershocks and anticipation. He looked up into Jack’s eyes. His pupils were blown; the dark chocolate of his iris’s almost totally black. Daniel swallowed, unbelievably turned on by the level of arousal his partner showed. He’d only just come and yet his dick was twitching. Daniel moaned as Jack slowly pushed two cool, slick fingers into his tight hole. Desire pulsed through him and he pushed down, wanting to swallow up those tantalizing digits; needing to feel them filling him.

Jack took the hint and pressed in further, not worrying about finesse just responding to what Daniel obviously wanted. He could do hard and dirty, in fact right now that was exactly what he needed and in a small corner of his mind he marveled that they were so in tune. Sliding a third finger next to the others he curved the longest and unerringly found Daniel’s prostate. One stroke across the receptive gland and Daniel gave such a sensual moan that Jack nearly came from the sound alone. He had no patience left; he had to be inside his lover and it had to be now. Withdrawing his fingers he hitched forward, forcing his thighs under Daniel’s legs causing him to cant his hips and open himself to Jack. Clutching his iron hard cock in his hand Jack pressed the swollen head against Daniel’s entrance. Pushing forward, he breached his lover and felt the hot sweet tightness engulf him. His blood pounded in his ears and not for the first time Jack felt overwhelmed by the rightness of his lover’s body around him. They fit together perfectly and it was almost unbelievable. Struggling for control Jack flailed with his free hand until he found Daniel’s and their fingers intertwined. Curving his legs around Jack’s waist Daniel used his strong thigh muscles to draw Jack into him inch by inch until he was seated, balls deep, his eyes squeezed shut in concentration as he fought his body’s compulsion to just pump everything he had deep inside Daniel.

“Fuuuuccck, Danny…Gah!” Jack struggled to breathe and Daniel seemed to get the message that he was struggling for control. His younger lover lay very still, only the trembling of his body and the gentle pulsing of his ass giving away how incredibly turned on he was. After a minute or two Jack felt the immediate threat of coming recede a little and he risked rocking his hips gently. The low moan from Daniel and renewed interest of his cock spurred Jack into movement. He withdrew slowly until only the tip of his cock was inside his lover. Then he drove in, hard and deep, grazing Daniels prostate with unerring aim. Again and again he repeated the move, slow and teasing out, hard and long in until Daniel was reduced to making little ‘ungh, ungh’ noises in his throat. His cock jutted up onto his belly, hard and leaking and Jack couldn’t help envying his recovery time. Determined that Daniel would come again before he did Jack curled his right hand, still sticky with lube, around the hard length, pumping slowly and smoothly in time with his own thrusts into the slick hot heaven of Daniel’s ass.

“Oh Dios, dios mierda te amo…Da da che voz’mi …Scopami, scopami…love you, fuck me god, fuck me…” Daniel cursed and begged as Jack’s long hard cock filled him over and over again, driving him right to the brink of coming. He wanted to wait, wanted to see Jack’s face as he finally fell, but the double assault of Jack’s cock inside him and that skilled handling of his cock was just too much to resist. As his orgasm hit Daniel arched his back and let out a scream of completion that raced around the cave and hit Jack in his solar plexus making him gasp. There was no more holding back, no more control. As Daniel pulsed hot streaks of come across his chest Jack plunged deeply for the last time and came with a triumphant roar. Daniel managed to pry his eyes open to see his lover’s head flung back and his mouth open in a grimace of total ecstasy and he knew Jack had never looked so beautiful.

Jack thought his orgasm was never going to end. He felt turned inside out by the force of it and the last spurts were almost painful in their exquisite pleasure. He fell forward not caring that his cheek landed in a puddle of Daniels come. He was utterly spent and utterly happy. The unsettling incidents of the last few days seemed miles away and he found himself wishing that they could stay in this magical cave for the remainder of their leave; so far removed from the danger and tension of their jobs and the very real fear that every mission could be their last.

As he drifted in the afterglow of his spectacular orgasm he felt Daniel’s hands on his shoulders and, allowing his now flaccid cock to slip out gently, he moved slowly up his lover’s body to stretch out next to him, sprawled half on the bed and half on Daniel’s sticky, sweaty, gloriously sated body.

“Wow,” he managed to croak.

“Hmmm,” was the only answer he got, but it was good enough. With a contented sigh he slipped into a deep, satisfying sleep.


Jack woke after what could have been a minute or an hour, he really wasn’t sure but his skin was beginning to chill. For once it had been free of those weird-ass dreams and Jack felt refreshed in way he hadn’t for a while. Stretching until his joints popped he turned and looked over at his still sleeping lover. He looked much younger, his face relaxed and unlined. Jack regretted every single time they’d faced something that had added another wrinkle to that beloved face. The Universe wasn’t out to get them, he knew that, but it did feel like it sometimes. Jack smiled sappily and felt a tug on his cheek. Lifting his hand to investigate he felt the dried remains of Daniel’s last orgasm and he grinned again, remembering the intensity of their lovemaking. His hand on his cheek was joined by another and he looked over to see Daniel’s bright blue eyes gazing at him so full of mischief and love that he felt his heart swell and his throat tighten. God, he loved this man.

“You forgot something,” Daniel said huskily, his voice raw from his earlier screams. “You remembered matches and lube but not water. Think I’m dehydrated.”

“Not surprised,” Jack answered smugly as he ran his fingers across Daniel’s semen streaked stomach. “Think you expelled all your body moisture right here.

Daniel snorted, but his eyes sparkled. “And the torch is almost burned out…Call yourself a boy scout.”

With a rise of an eyebrow and a head tilt Jack turned and slid off the platform heading for the guttering flambeau. Daniel watched with amazement as he pulled back some rush matting on the floor to reveal a fully packed picnic basket and a blanket.

“Shall we go eat our lunch on the beach – I think I saw a nice shady palm out there with our name on it.” Jack turned and with a taunting wiggle of his butt made his way to the entrance of the cave and disappeared back out into the warm sunshine.

Daniel lay for a moment his mouth hanging open. He should have known, he supposed, that Jack O’Neill, master of strategy, Air Force Colonel and, of course, fully paid up boy scout would have everything in hand, but he couldn’t believe that Jack had this all planned in advance. Shaking his head at his own naiveté Daniel chuckled. Of course Jack had it all planned out. Feeling his stomach rumble at the thought of food Daniel made his way to the entrance of the cave and looked along the beach. There, under a perfect palm he saw the blanket spread over the powdery sand, the unopened picnic basket waiting to be unpacked. Over at the surf’s edge Jack was standing, gloriously naked, using a large flat shell to rinse the evidence of their earlier lovemaking off his skin. Reveling in the sight of his lover so relaxed and unfettered by the regulations that blighted their life together Daniel made his way down the beach towards him.

Jack heard his approach and turned with a beaming smile. “Water’s just the right temperature. Come and let me clean you up and then we’ll have lunch.”

They played for a while at the water’s edge washing each other, trading kisses and touches that were more sensual than sexual until hunger drew them back to the basket under the palm. Daniel was amazed as plates, glasses and utensils came out of the basket followed by a myriad of tiny boxes each filled with morsels of food that smelled amazing and tasted even better. There were bottles of water and succulent fruits. The whole mélange was topped by a half bottle of champagne in its own chill sleeve.

“Couldn’t pack too much booze,” Jack explained as they lay beneath the palm sipping the chilled wine, Daniel’s head resting on Jack’s belly. “We have to swim back and snorkeling and alcohol do not mix.”

Daniel sighed and squinted up at Jack, watching the dappled shadows of the palm fronds paint dark splashes on Jack’s sun-kissed skin. “How did you get this stuff up here anyway? I’ve been with you all morning.”

“Juan, Izel and the panga.” Jack grinned smugly. “I asked Izel yesterday if she’d pack us a picnic and when she left on the boat this morning they paid a call here before going to the mainland.” Jack looked down and was pleased to see the look of total relaxation on Daniel’s face.

“Soooo,” Daniel drawled. “I take it this is a make-out spot for Simon and his boyfriend.”

Jack shook his head. Daniel really had a bee in his bonnet about his ex. He supposed he should just answer his questions (and he knew they would be many and far ranging) and try and nip this in the bud as quickly as possible. Jack didn’t want Simon sharing this holiday with them for much longer.

“This is a make-out spot for Simon and his many boyfriends and their friends and their friends friends and…”

“Yeah, okay, I get it.” Daniel frowned. “But you said that when you met Simon…”

“He told me he had a new partner,” Jack completed Daniels thought for him. “And yes, before you ask, he did show me pictures and…” he held up a finger to stop Daniel from interrupting, “…yes, he is very hot. He’s twenty four and models for all the big fashion houses.”

“He looks a lot like Davin Garvin,” Daniel muttered.

“What?” Jack was amazed. “How could you possibly…”

“Simon,” Daniel continued, ignoring Jack’s spluttering. “He looks like the model, Davin Garvin.”

“Well, fuck me, you’re right.” Jack shook his head. “I always knew he was a narcissist, but that really takes the cake.”

Daniel frowned and turned over in Jack’s lap leaning up to get a good look at his lover who was chuckling. “Jack, what are you talking about?”

“Firstly the model that Simon is going out with is Davin Garvin, who by the way I had never heard of before. Secondly, you’re right and I didn’t see it when Si showed me the photos but he looks a lot like Simon did at that age.” Jack grinned crookedly. “Huh, way to sleep with yourself, Si.”

Daniel frowned and settled his head back in Jack’s lap. “He was very hot, when he was younger. What does he look like now?” He tried to go for nonchalant, but wasn’t sure he had succeeded. The idea that Jack had met his ex in Washington and hadn’t told him still rankled.

Jack sighed lightly and raked his hand gently through his lover’s hair. He knew where this was going and was damned if he was going to let Daniel dwell on this for much longer.

“Danny, he’s the same age as me. We’ve both had similar careers although he was better at sucking up to the brass than I was, hence the scrambled egg on his uniform.”

“Scrambled what?” Daniel snorted.

“It’s what they call all that gold braid and shit the Brits decorate their uniforms with,” Jack explained. “He’s an Air Vice Marshall. That’s equivalent to a two star general here in the US. Doubt I’ll ever make it to those giddy heights.” Jack made a disgusted noise. “The Brits love promoting their aristocrats, too, so Simon always said he knew he’d end up flying a desk. He’ll probably end up with a couple more pounds of braid before he retires.” Jack wondered why he didn’t feel more aggrieved about that, but he knew deep down he wasn’t cut out to be ‘the Man’ and had no desire to be anywhere else but the SGC.

“That tells me what he does, but you didn’t answer my question.” Daniel’s tone was edgy and brittle and Jack began to lose patience with him. Taking his lover by the shoulders, he turned him so they were face to face. “Danny, listen. Si and I were together for less time than you and I have known each other and a whole lifetime ago. It really doesn’t matter what he looks like now. I’m here, with you. I only want you. Everything else is irrelevant.”

“I know that,” Daniel said irritably, “so why won’t you tell me how he looks now?” Daniel’s chin had the stubborn tilt to it that Jack knew meant he’d keep pushing till he got the answer he wanted. So many times off world that stubborn insistence had saved their lives, but here in a tropical paradise with just the two of them it had no place. Still, Jack knew he had to answer and that Danny would see through lies immediately. No matter how well Jack had trained his poker face, his Special Op’s skills didn’t work on his lover. Daniel could see right through him.

Jack screwed up his face, as if he was trying to picture his ex-lover in his mind’s eye. He remembered exactly how he had looked, but he didn’t want Daniel to realize that and make something out of it that wasn’t there.

“He’s about 6’4”, his hair is still black and curly although he keeps it regulation. He’s gained a few pounds now he’s not on active duty. But yeah, essentially he’s still the same hot guy I knew all those years ago. Hot enough to attract a top model anyway.” Jack smiled wryly. “I’m sure if his Davin asked him that question he wouldn’t be saying the same about me.”

The look on Daniel’s face told him that was exactly the right thing to say and Jack patted himself on the back even though the diversion had not been planned.

“Well, he should. Looking at those photo’s you’re hotter now than you were then, in just as good shape, too, and still on active duty.” Daniel turned and flung himself into Jack’s arms trapping him underneath him with an ‘umph’ as he straddled him on the sand. “As for attracting hot models, if you wanted to go looking you’d be beating them off.”

Jack looked up into Daniel’s eyes that were blazing with possessive fire. The sight made his dick twitch and banked up his libido to a definite burn. Alpha Danny did that for him every time.

“But that’s just it, Danny. Don’t you know? I don’t need to look.” He pulled Daniel down for a soft intense kiss, trying to pour all his love and attraction for his lover into this joining of lips. “I have everything I want, everything I could possibly need right here. I don’t need to look back, Daniel. You’re right in front of me.”

As Daniel drew him back into a passionate clinch Jack hoped he would finally believe it, because he meant every word.

Oh Dios, dios, mierda te amo: Oh God, god, shit I love you,

da da che voz’mi : yes, yes, fucking hell

scopami, scopami: fuck me, fuck me.

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