Through A Glass Darkly I

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There was nothing at all to see from the doorway; a bowed head, scratching pen, the odd rise of an eyebrow. Nothing at all that would show where Jack O’Neill’s mind was. Because it certainly wasn’t on the mission reports and requisition forms that littered his desk. He was good at this. He could project a busy, official aura in his office just as well as the bored, distracted persona in the briefing room and all the time he kept everyone in the dark about where his thoughts were really taking him. He could never have survived all those years in Black Ops without having total command of his surroundings and of himself. Those dark days were long behind him now, but he kept up his skills just in case. In some ways his life depended on this ability even more now; there was more at stake than just his reputation here. Jack raised his eyes from the papers in front of him, flicked his gaze across the empty corridor and allowed himself a big self-satisfied smile

Daniel was in the forefront of his mind and had been for the last…Jack looked at his watch…19 days, 15 hours, 9 minutes and…wait for it…30 seconds. That was how long it had been since they had made their ‘we’re-just-best-friends-and-not-lovers-oh-no-not-us-straight-as-a-die-here-just-good-ole-Jack-and-Danny,’ clap on the back goodbye in the gate room as Daniel went off for three weeks of playing in the dirt with SG-3 as back-up. Jack had made his usual warnings to Major Wade about looking after his archaeologist and then they had left through the Stargate to the, hopefully, peaceful deserted planet designated P4X-993.

Their real goodbye had happened four hours earlier as they lay sweaty and sated in each other’s arms after the most exhilarating and intense shared orgasm he could remember – in his life – ever! He could still feel the deep ache in his gut as the memory of the power of his lover’s passion met with his own intense love for that incredible man and exploded between them.

“I’ll have to say you can go off world without me more often if this is the payoff.”

“Nah, no payoff, Jack, just a little on account to keep you interested until I get back. I do want to give you one more thing, though.”

Jack had barely taken a breath before Daniel’s lips were pressed to the tender skin between his thigh and the swell of his left butt cheek. Sucking the flesh hard into his mouth Daniel marked Jack with a hot, raised bruise that throbbed in tandem with the newly awakened interest of Jack’s cock. God, but this boy was hot. Jack had been on the receiving end of hickeys before, but never given with such wild abandon and savagery.

“Now you can’t forget. That should last till I get back. Mine, Jack. MINE.”

The physical sign had, sadly, faded much to Jack’s chagrin, but the sense memory stayed with him just as Daniel had intended and he could still feel its phantom heat against the inseam of his BDU’s.

A noise in the corridor brought him back to the here and now and a slight flick of his eyes told him who was about to tap on his door.

“Carter. What brings you to my neck of the woods?” Jack continued to look down at the report in front of him, giving no sign that under the desk he was fighting an incipient hard-on courtesy of his explicit memories.

Sam couldn’t disguise the slight flicker of exasperation that crossed her face. He knew it really annoyed her that no matter how hard she tried or what skills she used, she could never sneak up on her CO. It was a game she played with him, but one that he was proud to say she had never yet won.

“Just thought you’d like to know, sir. SG-3 have radioed in,” she reported.


Jack looked up, quickly assessing Carter’s frame of mind. She looked relaxed and unconcerned which meant that Daniel was alright. The little jag of fear that had rolled through his body like an ice cold shower had also deflated his wayward cock. ‘Silver lining,’ he thought absently. If he had to go anywhere with Carter then his nonchalant display would have been for nothing with a very prominent tent in his trousers: Either that or she would have got the wrong idea all together and added up her appearance in his office with his obvious erection and made a completely erroneous assumption about the cause. Jack could scarcely suppress a little shiver at that thought.

“Daniel’s coming back,” Sam continued, completely unaware of the colonel’s convoluted thought processes, “Apparently his allergies have flared up – something on the planet he thinks. He asked for more anti-histamines, but Janet wants to check him over so she’s called him back.”

Jack nodded. Something as minor as allergies would never have brought Daniel back home without coercion from their CMO.

“I bet he was happy about that.” Jack grinned.

He was amazed to feel a little flutter of anticipation in his gut. When did he turn into a love-struck teenager? He decided he didn’t care. Daniel had been gone for over two weeks and he missed him. He was going to see his Danny early even if it was only for an hour or two. It was just a shame there was nowhere on base private enough for him to get a little loving on account…on account that he missed his gorgeous hot archaeologist way more than he would ever let on.

Throwing his pen down on a requisition for athletes foot powder, O’Neill stood and stretched out his back. Sitting at his desk always made him feel three inches shorter. Maybe he should go to the gym and stretch out his abused muscles (and work through the unresolved sexual tension that was bound to be there) after Daniel had gone back to the planet. Jack had no doubt that Daniel would be going back – only undomesticated equines could keep the man away from his beloved dirt and Jack was under no illusions that when it came down to it he only came a close second in the short list of his lover’s passions.

“Let’s go and welcome our boy back.” Jack gave an exaggerated ‘after you’ gesture and followed Sam out of his office and down the corridor to the elevators. Sliding his access card through the slot he leaned against the wall and looked at the tall blonde beside him.

“So, Carter, I’m thinking we’re way overdue for a team meal. What do you think? When Daniel finally decides to come home for good from the planet of the Rinkydinks we could do BBQ at my house or picnic in the Garden of the Gods?” He raised his eyebrows at her in question.

“Picnic sounds good, sir. If this weather holds it would be great. And P4X-993 is called Rinkadian.”

“That may be what the planet is called, but who’s to say the long gone citizens wouldn’t have been Rinkydinks, tell me that, Carter.”

Sam smirked at him and rolled her eyes as the elevator doors slid open. They had to stand aside for the occupants to disembark and Jack’s eyebrows rose into his hairline as a large and cumbersome machine was rolled out into the corridor pushed by a red faced and sweating Bill Lee.

“Hey Bill,” Sam called as the scientist absent-mindedly walked by without seeing her. “Is there a problem?”

“Oh, Major Carter,” the balding scientist exclaimed. “I was just about to come look for you. The naquadah capacitor on the nigeric encapsulator is still showing an oh point seven milliwatt reduction in output and we can’t work out…”

As the metal monstrosity cleared the doors Jack jumped into the car and pressed 28. They were still talking nineteen to the dozen as the door slid closed, neither of them noticing that he was no longer there. He shook his head and smirked. Scientists!

As the elevator swept him down to the Gate room, Jack hummed a little off-key tune to himself. He knew that watching Daniel go back through the gate, having had him home for only a few short minutes in the infirmary, would feel worse than having to wait the extra three days he was due to be away. But nineteen days was an awfully long time to not have sight of those beautiful blue eyes and he was willing to deal for the chance to do just that.

The SF on guard at the blast door threw the colonel a smart salute which Jack snorted at. The mountain was a ‘no salute’ installation. ‘Must be one of the new intake,’ Jack thought absently. There were always one or two either too keen or just too in awe of his status as leader of SG1 and his reputation as a hardass.

“At ease, Airman. You don’t have to salute me down here,” he advised firmly.

“Yes, sir. No, sir,” the airman babbled his hand half way back up for a second salute.

“Three bags full sir,” Jack muttered shaking his head. He knew he’d never been that eager even before basic training.

‘Incoming Wormhole’

Sergeant Davis’ voice over the intercom brought Jack’s mind back to what was most important right now.

He watched as one by one the chevrons lit and then moved to stand front and centre at the foot of the ramp so he’d be the first thing Daniel would see. As the fifth chevron engaged Jack looked up to see General Hammond in the control room. His CO gave him a little nod and not for the first time Jack had the distinct impression that George ‘Knew.’ His relationship with Daniel was clandestine and dangerous to both their careers and to his freedom. ‘DADT’ was supposed to give him some protection, but the fact that Daniel was a member of his team could be more damaging to his career than any revelation about his sexual orientation. Still, Hammond was a good officer and a great leader of men. Jack was sure George would be the first one to rake him over the coals if his command was suffering because of his relationship with Daniel, but in the meantime – well SG-1 had always managed to get the job done despite being unconventional from a military point of view.

As the wormhole engaged the colonel found himself bouncing on the balls of his feet in anticipation. Almost immediately Daniel appeared through the shimmering blue portal and gave Jack a sheepish grin. O’Neill began to return the smile, but it died before it was fully formed as he watched with horror as his lover’s body begin to be wracked with spasms.

Daniel’s eyes opened wide with shock and fear and he managed to choke out, “J…J…’ack,” before he began an almost slow motion fall towards the metal ramp.

Jack moved swiftly, taking the length of the ramp in one leap to catch the convulsing body before it crashed to the ground.

“MEDIC!” Jack barked as he held the young man’s body, desperately trying to prevent the paroxysms from causing any injury. Under Jack’s questing fingers Daniel’s skin went from the chill of gate travel to burning hot and felt dry and papery. He tried to ascertain whether there were any injuries that might explain these violent seizures, but the movement of Daniel’s body prevented him from doing anything but hang on. Daniel’s eyes were open but rolled back in his head so that hardly any of the iris was showing. Blood stained flecks of spittle were gathering in the corners of his mouth. His fingers were clawed and inflexible and his back bowed so severely that Jack thought he might fracture something if he wasn’t given some relief soon.

“Where’s the fucking MEDIC,” Jack yelled, beside himself with fear but not wanting anyone to see it. His heart was in his throat, beating so hard he thought it might escape his chest.

His cry of “’Bout fucking time,” as Janet and a gurney came speeding through the doorway died on his lips as he saw the doctor’s face fall and turn pale as she quickly assessed her patients condition.

“He’s way too hot. We need to get him cooled down and fast.” She fired out commands to the orderly with her, and within seconds the still seizing young man was lifted onto the gurney and buckled in place to prevent the continuing spasms from throwing him back onto the concrete floor.

“Davis, ring through to Jenny Evans and tell her to have cooling packs and the gastric lavage kit ready,” Janet ordered, not bothering to look up into the control room, knowing that Walter would follow her orders to the letter. “I’ll also need as much ice as you can find me. Meanwhile get someone to fill the soaking tub in level 18 locker room and set it to 22°C.”

Then they were racing through the corridors with Jack in hot pursuit, unwilling to let Daniel out of his sight for more than a second. As they reached the infirmary nurse Evans appeared with an armful of cooling packs and proceeded to push them under Daniel’s armpits, nape, groin and knees.

“Leave him on the gurney,” Janet ordered, “And make sure that tub’s ready in case we need it.” She turned to her head nurse. “Jenny, we need to administer a 25mg diazepam enema stat.”

The orderly snapped a curt nod and ran off to do as she asked as Jenny Evans prepared the anti-convulsant drug.

“Jack, you have to leave now.” Janet didn’t even look towards him, all her attention was focussed on Daniel who was now surrounded with monitors, the equipment beeping and chiming alarmingly.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Jack argued. He knew he couldn’t leave; in fact he knew with all his heart that if he left that room Daniel would die.

“Jack,” Janet warned, her voice steely.

“No, Doc, not gonna happen.”

The doctor raised herself to her full height and was about to order the colonel to leave when he put his hand on her upper arm.

“Janet, please.” His voice was thick with emotion. “I have to stay.”

Jack watched as her eyes softened. She knew about their relationship, how could she not she was their doctor after all, but she had never let that colour her decisions about medical matters before. All Jack could do was let her see how much he needed her to agree, just this once.

“Okay,” Janet shook her head, “but if you get in my way, you are out on your ear.”

Jack nodded and moved to the back of the cubicle, using the wall to hold up his trembling body as he watched his lover fighting for his life.

“Right, Evans, what’s his core temp?”

Nurse Evans checked the monitor and Jack saw her eyes go wide with shock. “Ah…it’s 108°, heart rate 220 and tachycardic, BP 230 over 110.”

Jack watched Janet’s face pale as the nurse reeled off the numbers. Even he knew a temperature that high could not be sustained for very long without Daniel suffering serious effects. There was a bang as the door flew open and Teal’c arrived carrying several large bags of ice.

“Good, get that over here now, Teal’c.” Janet pointed to an instrument trolley beside the bed. “Let’s get these open as quickly as we can and pack it around him.” She turned and pointed at Jack. “Make yourself useful. Tear open ten of those saline bags and empty them into a container – doesn’t have to be sterile. Then add a handful of ice for each bag.”

O’Neill scanned the room and his eyes alighted on a metal bin at the base of the bed. Using just his fingers he tore into the heavy saline bags and emptied the contents into it, adding ice as he had been directed. He turned to ask Janet where she needed the ice water only to see her trying unsuccessfully to insert an NG tube into Daniel’s nose, the continued flailing of his body making it impossible. Without waiting to be asked, Jack stretched himself across Daniel, using his entire body weight to keep him as still as possible. Within seconds Janet’s expert hands had placed the tube and reluctantly Jack moved back away from his very sick lover.

Janet fitted a large bore valve and syringe to the tube and, using an oversized glass test tube, began to pour the iced saline from the metal bucket into the syringe.

“Gastric lavage helps to bring down his core temperature while the ice and cool packs will cool his skin,” Janet explained seeing Jack’s shock at the treatment she was undertaking. “We have to cool him down to get these convulsions under control. Otherwise things could get very ugly.”

Jack nodded and returned to his place near the wall, making sure he was always in sight of his lovers’ face, scared out of his mind at the violence of the convulsions and the otherworldly pallor of his skin. Time seemed to slow down as over and over again the syringe was filled with ice water and then the body warmed fluid removed from Daniel’s stomach. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime nurse Evans reported that his temperature was beginning to fall, even if only by half degrees. Janet ordered antipyretic drugs to be administered and then had Daniel wrapped in wet sheets to aid transference of heat from his skin.

Jack folded his arms across his chest holding himself rigid, desperate to stop his body trembling with suppressed emotion and shock and suddenly he felt a large hand descend on his shoulder.

“Sit down, O’Neill,” Teal’c said quietly. “You will only clutter the infirmary floor if you collapse.” The Jaffa hooked his leg around a wheeled stool and pulled it over to where Jack stood, pressing firmly on his shoulders to make him sit.

“Thanks T,” Jack nodded. He slouched back in a fake relaxed pose and shoved his hands in his pockets to hide how much they were shaking. Now that he had nothing to do he had time to think. Surely Daniel couldn’t survive much more of this. What if this was it? What if he lost him now when he hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye? Hell, if Danny was going. Jack wouldn’t know how to go on without him. He tried to swallow around the lump jamming his throat, biting hard on his lip to stop the prickling in his eyes turning into tears. He started as he felt a hand resting on his shoulder.

“His temperature is coming down, but it’s happening slower than I would have liked,” Janet explained quietly. “I know this is hard to see, Jack, but we had to bring the spasms under control. Even now he could have some brain damage from the prolonged seizures and pyrexia.”

Brain damage? Jack felt as if the floor was twisting beneath him. He could hear the thunder of his heart as it threatened to break out of his chest. Danny was brilliant, he couldn’t have brain damage; he knew he wouldn’t want to live like that.

“We don’t know anything yet, Jack. The most important thing is to get this under control.” Janet squeezed his arm. “We’re going to continue with treatment and he is already responding so that’s a good sign. However, we also need to know what’s causing this and we have to be aware it could be an off world contagion. I’ve told General Hammond I am going to keep everyone who has been in contact with Daniel in isolation. That includes the SFs in the Gate room as well as the medical staff, Teal’c, me and you.”

Jack gave a terse nod. That was SOP and a sensible precaution. They needed to be sure this wasn’t something that could infect the rest of the mountain or God forbid make its way outside.

“I think we could arrange for you to share an isolation room with Daniel.” The small woman gave him a compassionate smile and then moved back to check on her patient.

Jack felt a wave of relief pass over him. At least he could stay with Danny. The only thing worse than being apart was not knowing what was happening and Jack always needed to see with his own eyes that his team were alive; especially his archeologist.

It took almost an hour before Janet was happy enough with Daniel’s condition for him to be moved. Jack was there every second never taking his eyes off his lover; feeling with every fibre of his being that he could hold Daniel there just by force of will. A cold cup of coffee sat in his hands, placed there by Teal’c, but he hadn’t even taken a sip.

Slowly the frenzy around Daniel’s bed began to calm as his temperature fell and the drug therapy took effect. He was moved onto a normal infirmary bed and the cooling packs and wet sheets removed. Daniel was hot, still too pale with high red spots on his cheeks, but the convulsions had stopped and his pulse and blood pressure seemed, in Jack’s non-medical opinion, to be moving in the right direction. He was still unconscious, but Janet had reassured the colonel that it was only to be expected. The seizures had subjected Daniel’s body to a heavy physical ordeal and it would be a while before they’d know if they had caused any lasting effect.

Finally they were moved into the smaller isolation room. Jack was able to sit right next to the bed and actually physically touch his lover for the first time since he’d caught him on the ramp. Without a thought for how it might look to anyone watching he took the younger man’s hand in his and interlaced their fingers, gently rubbing his thumb across the papery hot flesh. Although the worries and fears of the last few hours were not over, the touch of skin made Jack feel as if he could finally breathe again.

“Now, Danny, this is how I see it,” he murmured to the still figure in the bed beside him. “I know you’re not feeling too good and sleep will help you get better, but I really need to see your eyes, baby. So if you could wake up for me, just for a minute…Please, love.”

Daniel slept on, his chest rising and falling in counterpoint to the beeping of the monitors. Jack gave a deep sigh and leaned back on his chair. He suddenly felt so very tired, as if he’d been running for his life for the past few hours. As his eyes began to close his hand relaxed around Daniel’s and slowly fell onto the bed beside him. Jack caught the oddest sight from his half closed eye as zigzagging streamers of light seemed to tether his hand to Daniel’s in a weird sort of sci-fi visual effect. It was only there for a fraction of a second and he forced his eyes open again, but there was nothing to see. ‘Just tired,’ he thought drowsily as he enclosed Daniel’s hand again with his own. ‘Need to sleep.’

When Teal’c entered the room thirty minutes later he found both O’Neill and Daniel deeply asleep their hands still entwined. He walked into the small en suite bathroom and retrieved a towel which he deftly threw over the camera in the corner. Crossing over to the telephone on the wall he made a call to the security office reporting that the camera was faulty and assuring the SF on duty that, as he was going to be on guard outside the room, the repair could be delayed until the morning. He then picked up a blanket from the second bed in the room and gently draped it across his friend’s sleeping form covering their joined hands.

“Thanks, T,” Jack mumbled.

“You are welcome, O’Neill,” the big man replied quietly.


Oh now this is new. I think this is a dream…In fact I know it’s a dream ‘cause I’m in a movie theatre and I don’t have popcorn. Like that would ever happen. This must be that lucid dreaming thing. Daniel told me about it once. Some shaman types on Pxx do-I-give-a-fuck, smoke this hokey herbal hallucinogen – hey alliteration. If Daniel were here he’d be giving me some serious sexy eyebrow right now. Nothing makes him hotter than me going all linguistic on his ass.

The stuff makes them go walkabout in their dreams, but they remember everything about it and then they use that to divine the future or some New Age crapola. Well, I suppose I should do some recon and work out what I’m here to find. Ach, O’Neill will you listen to yourself; you’re dreaming, you moron, nothing more, nothing less. No meaning of life stuff in your brain, flyboy – leave that to the archaeologist.

This joint is really crummy. Kinda reminds me of the place we used to go when we were kids on a Saturday morning. Cowboys, cartoons, candy and Captain Marvel – shit, there I go again…now I know I’m dreamin’ and this is one weird ass dream. The theatre’s empty except for me and I am sitting front and centre. I never sit here, it makes my neck crick and gives me a headache…I’ll just move further…Uh oh, not going anywhere ‘cause I can’t move my legs. Thing is I know I should be really worried about that but; hey, right now I feel like I couldn’t give a shit. This is some whacko dream.

So let’s have a look around here; this place is huge. I can just about see to the back and there’s an exit sign but no door…that could be a problem if I ever get the use of my legs back, but right now getting out of here seems to be impossible. The screen is blank; just a huge white expanse with those massive red velvet curtains at the side. The covering on the seat in front of me is that rough bristly stuff and it’s all worn on the top like hundreds of sticky grubby hands and sneakered feet have rubbed on it for years and years. There’s that smell too; popcorn, sweet orange drink, cigarettes and damp clothes.

Wait a minute I do know this place; the Uptown Theatre on North Broadway in Chicago. I saw my first movie here with my dad, had my first popcorn; shit, I even had my first kiss here from Casey O’Malley. She was 13, I was 14 and she had the bluest eyes. I had my first kiss induced boner and came in my shorts when she stuck her tongue in my mouth. Seems like nothing much changes. My Danny’s eyes can do that for me, too. Which reminds me there’s something wrong with my Danny, what is it…is there…? I think I need to wake up but why? Nah, it’s gone.

Why would I dream this place?

Lights are going down. Damn, it’s black as hell in here now. Oh, oh the main feature is coming on. The music is way too quiet; I can’t hear what it’s supposed to be. Seems like there might be voices, too, but I can’t make out what they’re saying. Well, O’Neill, perhaps you just need to sit back and let it happen ‘cause sure as damn it you don’t seem to be in any hurry to wake up. There’s definitely something being projected on the screen, but it’s so out of focus I can’t make anything out. The colours are vivid, almost psychedelic, and they’re streaking and running together. Talk about an acid flashback!

WAIT…What the fuck was that. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye…Just over there. All my spidey-senses are tingling and the hairs on the back of my neck are so tight they hurt. I’m not on my own here although when I look over at where the movement was there is nothing but blackness. I’m not sure how I can defend myself if it’s hostile. I don’t have a weapon and unless it decides to come sit in my lap I’ve got no chance of subduing it with hand to hand. I’ll look back up at the screen and hope to lull who or whatever it is into a false sense of security. I can do looking unconcerned and harmless while I’m planning on being very dangerous.

But euch, looking at the screen is starting to make me feel sick. All those colours whirling and spreading, I feel like I’ve had a few too many beers and three day old Chinese food. I want to shut my eyes, but I can’t…shit…Shit…SHIT gonna hurl…gonna…gonna…


“Ugh! Dammit.” Jack groaned.

“Do you require anything else, O’Neill?” Teal’c stood over Jack his hand still on the blanket.

Jack clamped his hand over his mouth and swallowed hard. The queasy feeling was gone as quickly as it had come on and all that was left of his dream was a feeling of unease and the vague notion that he should be doing something important.

“Is all well, O’Neill?” The big Jaffa stood over him, his face concerned.

“Yeah, T, fine…I’m fine.” Jack scrubbed his hand over his face and looked across guiltily at the still unconscious Daniel. “Just woke myself up falling asleep – you know?”

“I do not.” Teal’c intoned, his eyebrow arching. “Do you require food? Beverages? GeneralHammond has sent in supplies.”

“Coffee would be great, big guy. Thanks.”

As he watched Teal’c leave the room Jack gusted out a deep sigh and tried to shake off the lingering feeling of unease that had followed him out of his dream. He’d been asleep a few seconds that had felt like hours and he couldn’t quite shake the idea he was supposed to have learned something.

“Get a grip, O’Neill,” he mumbled to himself. “It was just a freaking fucked up dream: Too much adrenalin courtesy of my favourite trouble magnet.”

He turned to look at Daniel again and was pleased to see he was slightly less flushed and that the heart monitor’s beeps were far slower and more even.

“Come on, Daniel, wake up,” he whispered gently. “If you wake up soon, then I’ll tap the general for some leave and we’ll go up to the cabin, or the beach, or any freaking where. It’ll be just you, me, a big soft comfortable bed and no-one for miles around to hear us scream.”

Jack tried to smile but found a lump forming in his throat. “Please, love, wake up. I need you, buddy. I can’t even be trusted to fall asleep on my own anymore. I think almost three weeks apart is enough; in fact, I’m going to make it a rule that we are not apart more than…Hell, let’s not be apart at all. Okay?” Jack ran his knuckles gently over Daniel’s cheek, but he continued to sleep, the monitors beeping a constant metronome of passing seconds.

Movement in the door way made Jack look up to see Teal’c and Janet enter the room. The Jaffa placed a tray on the bed table and moved it in front of Jack.

“You will eat and drink, O’Neill, then I will sit with DanielJackson while you shower,” Teal’c stated firmly, his tone brooking no argument.

Nevertheless Jack was about to argue when Janet, who had been checking over her patient, turned and smiled at him.

“He’s going to sleep for a while yet, colonel. The anti-convulsant we gave him was Valium. It should keep him out for a couple more hours although this is Daniel and I never know how any sedative is going to affect him.” She looked back over at the sleeping man, her tired eyes full of affectionate concern.

Jack frowned, still not convinced that this was natural sleep. What if he was unconscious; in a coma; catatonic? The thought of brain damage and further complications were still rolling around in his head making him think irrationally. The doctor seemed to read his thoughts.

“He’s doing okay Jack,” Janet reassured him. “Right now I’m as happy as I can be. His temperature is almost back to normal and there has been no sign of any bacterial or viral agent in his blood. There are still tests to be done when he does wake up, but his pupils are reactive and he has good pain reflexes so I’m cautiously optimistic about what, if any, effects the extended seizures may have had. Right now he’s resting comfortably. So you have time to eat, shower and then be ready to say ‘hi’ to him as soon as he does wake up. He could be disorientated, so it will help him to see someone sitting here that he,” she winked conspiratorially at him and whispered, “loves…”

Janet snorted as Jack flushed a little and then squeezed his arm fondly.

“The least you can do is appreciate the coffee. It’s from my own stash of the good stuff. I only usually share that with Daniel,” she commented over her shoulder as she left the room followed closely by Teal’c.

Jack tipped them a sloppy salute and uncovered the plate in front of him. The turkey and bacon club looked good and his empty stomach gave an appreciative grumble.

“Okay already, I’ll eat it,” Jack groused at his reproachful belly as he picked up the thickly layered sandwich.

“Domaine du Kouandji,” Daniel croaked through dry lips. “What are you doing drinking Janet’s coffee?”

Jack dropped his food and almost kicked over the table in his haste to get close to Daniel.

“See,” he muttered gruffly as he grabbed Daniel’s hand and held onto it for dear life, “here was I offering you vacations by the beach and long nights of hot monkey-sex and all it took to get you to wake up was the smell of some swanky gourmet coffee.”

“Hi,” Daniel whispered, his mouth quirking in a sweet smile as his eyelids drooped in long slow blinks. “Missed you.”

Jack had to swallow hard before he could answer. “Hey, missed you more.”

“W…what happened? Why’m I here?”

Jack could see the confusion turning to distress in Daniel’s eyes as his gaze flickered round the sterile white walls of the isolation room.

“Let’s get the doc to check you over and then I’ll tell you all about it.” He quickly pressed a kiss to Daniel’s forehead before he hit the call button.

Janet came bustling in and before he knew it Jack was relegated to the back wall again.

Still, he didn’t mind, because this time the tired eyes of his lover were gazing back at him from across the room and Jack couldn’t keep a goofy grin from spreading across his face. For the first time in the last few fraught hours Jack allowed himself to believe that Daniel was really going to be okay.

He’d remembered the name of Janet’s coffee. Jack knew it was just a small thing and Janet still had to do her tests, but if he was reading the doctors body language right (and he’d had lots of practice at that) then nothing was pointing to Danny having any brain damage. He felt light headed as a rush of relief swirled through him. All he had to do now was wait for the doc to let him know how long it would be before he could take his lover home and then he could go and see a general about some leave.

‘The beach,’ he thought, his eyes still transfixed by Daniel’s loving gaze. ‘Yeah, the beach sounds great.’

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