Little Danny Stories

Little Danny is a genre of kidfic that deals with either a Daniel de-aged by aliens or their artefacts, or AU’s where Daniel is a kid. Many authors pair him with Jack as his care giver, although not all.

Through this genre I met my beta an great friend annejackdanny, who writes amazing Little Danny Stories. This in turn introduced me to the great gals of the Little Danny Group on Yahoo. My stories in this category were usually written for a challenge in that group, or a special event.

Most are gen although some, like A Hand to Hold, have darker themes. One the whole if you don’t like the cute or are diabetic you probably shouldn’t read these.


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A Hand to Hold

Title: A Hand to Hold Fandom/Genre: SG1 AU Relationship(s): Past Jack/Daniel, Deaged Daniel Content Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Death of a major character, suicidal ideation, discussion of euthanasia. Word Count: 3996 Beta: annejackdanny A/N: Angst-arama with a weird twist. I think I was taking prescription drugs at the time. Its surprising how you can write something and not realise you are …

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