Through A Glass Darkly VII

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Jack woke from a deep cleansing sleep. He felt tantalisingly close to something, something important. He was also so hard he could feel every beat of his heart as it pulsed through his cock and marked time on his belly. Daniel was snoring gently beside him sprawled across the cool sheets. The evidence of his lover’s time in the sun glowed in the deep golden tan across his broad smooth shoulders. Jack couldn’t resist the temptation Daniel presented, laid out like an offering before him. Lifting his upper body, Jack stretched up over his lover’s prone form and pressed softer than air kisses to the first knob of his spine. Reverently and tenderly Jack continued his journey, feeling Daniel beginning to rise through the press of sleep into wakefulness. Tiny flickers in his muscles gave away Daniel’s appreciation of his lover’s ministrations and Jack gave a breathy moan as a slight shimmy of Daniel’s hips made contact with his sensitive dick.

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” Jack murmured as he kissed his way down to the dip where Daniel’s narrow waist joined the swell of the delectable ass still hidden under the covers.

“Ugh,” Daniel replied, his ability to make a cogent sentence being robbed by the heat Jack’s lips were generating in his belly and groin.

Jack slid his hand under the sheets and trailed his fingers over one butt cheek and across the other, sliding his index finger down to gently fondle the crease between them. Daniel groaned in anticipation and canted his hips to encourage Jack to continue the journey.

Jack grinned. “Hey! Eager much? Thought you’d want at least one coffee first,” he teased.

Daniel turned his head and gazed at Jack with eyes more awake than his lover had anticipated. Jack had expected slow burn; a drawn out dance of arousal through breakfast until they couldn’t stand it any longer and fell back into bed. But the sparks in Daniel’s eyes were so hungry that the smoulder quickly became a conflagration and all Jack wanted was to be buried in Daniel, balls deep, listening to him cry out. The need was so intense that Jack almost came from the thought alone. He found himself gripping his balls and tugging down with sharp desperation. He wanted to hear Danny make those noises more than he wanted to come. He was relieved when the moment of pain made his imminent climax recede and he reached out for Daniel, who came willingly into his arms.

Their lips met and they both felt the shock of electricity as their nerve endings burned with desire. Jack pulled the younger man over him and pressed him down, relishing the heat and weight of his muscled body as it moulded to him.

“What do you want, Jack?” Daniel breathed into his mouth as they shared wet open mouthed kisses, neither one willing to relinquish the lips of the other in order to breathe or speak.

“You, I just want you.” Jack was almost speechless with desire. Every cell of his body was singing with need for the man plastered against him. He knew he loved Daniel, adored him, but there were no words for how he felt right at that minute; so totally connected to Daniel on every possible level. Jack felt tears prickle in his eyes and wasn’t able to draw breath for a moment or two.

Daniel drew back a little from their kisses and the look of sheer devilment in his eyes made Jack’s heart give a little stutter. Oh, this was going to be good. Daniel was inventive at the best of times, but Jack knew without having to ask whatever they were going to do now was going to blow his mind.

“I have an idea,” Daniel growled as he lifted his body away from Jack’s grasp. His lover groaned at the loss and made a grab for the younger man’s arm. But Daniel was too quick for him and lithely flipped himself over and around, ending up straddled over Jack’s hips facing his feet. Bending forwards he presented Jack with a prime view of his ass, open and inviting. Jack surged forward, bending at the waist, and grabbed Daniel’s hips, holding him in place as he pressed his face to the golden swell of muscle and flesh. Daniel’s moan of pleasure was everything Jack could’ve wished for as he swiped his tongue along the crack and across the dark pucker. Daniel’s skin was all salt and musk and Jack felt like a thirsty man at an oasis. He wanted to drink his fill and then drink more as this thirst could never be sated. Loosening his grip on Danny’s hips he used his thumbs to part the cheeks, opening him to his view and giving himself more space for his continued attention to Daniel’s hole. Daniel was rocking now, his hands either side of Jack’s thighs, his head hanging low between his shoulders as he continually moaned and mumbled encouragement and curses in equal measure. Jack stiffened his tongue and began to jab the point into the swiftly loosening pucker; every sway of Daniel’s body forcing him further and further inside. The movement of his body was making Daniel’s cock bounce and tap against Jack’s rock hard erection causing sparks of lust to feed back into Jack’s roving mouth and tongue.

“More,” Daniel eventually moaned, “Need more, Jack. Want you in me.” He accentuated his request by pressing his hips down and bringing his hot length in alignment with Jack’s, causing Jack to cry out and clutch at Daniel’s hips again. He pulled back, hoping to encourage Daniel to twist around, to bring them face to face but Daniel had other ideas.

“No, Jack. This way. Deep. Different. You can watch yourself fuck me,” Daniel gasped. “An’ I can look at your sexy feet,” he added with a little breathy sound that was halfway between a moan and a giggle. The idea of watching as his length disappeared inside Daniel made Jack’s breath catch, too, and he didn’t need any more persuading. Reaching beneath the pillow he snagged the bottle of Astroglide and quickly slicked up his cock.

“You want fingers first?” Jack asked breathlessly, willing to take the time to prep his partner rather than hurt him.

“Nooo,” Daniel moaned urgently, “Want you in me NOW!” Illustrating his urgent desire, Daniel lifted up on his powerful thighs, scooted forward and, reaching behind him to position Jack’s cock, sank slowly down until his balls pressed against Jack’s, causing a tactile feedback loop. Jack had to clutch at the sheet beneath him to stop the amazing sensation from ending their lovemaking before it started. He forced his breathing to slow and even out, calling on the training that helped him to sight and fire a weapon even in the most difficult of circumstances. After a few moments he felt the imminent urge to come recede slightly and he could once again concentrate on the overwhelming sight of his lover seated above him, trembling with suppressed want.


Daniel’s breathy plea was all Jack needed to spur him into action. Clamping his hands back onto his lover’s hips he encouraged him to rise, sliding his body slowly up the thick hard column of his cock until only the tip remained inside him. Daniel teetered for a moment, his thighs trembling with the tension of holding him in place and then Jack lifted his pelvis and pulled him back down onto him. The moan Danny let loose was pure aural sex. It hit Jack in the solar plexus and trickled down his legs in a pulsing aching current, making him lurch back up to seat himself even more fully in Daniel’s heat.

They set a fast pace, their intimate familiarity with each other allowing them to find a rhythm that had them both flying; their bodies and minds meshing in overwhelming sensation.

“Danny…Fuck… Oh, God, baby, what you do to me.” Jack squeezed his eyes shut, the visual stimulus of seeing Daniel rising and falling on his cock was just too much and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it together for much longer. “Touch yourself…Wanna feel you come…Need you to…” he begged, struggling to find his control in amongst the slew of emotional and physical sensations bombarding him.

“Yeah, Russ, yeah.”

At first Jack was unsure what he had heard, thinking that Daniel was babbling in some obscure dialect. But over the moans he heard his lover again and this time there was no mistaking the words.

“Fuck, Russ…Please, baby, tell me…Just say it…Russ…I love you. Why can’t you just say it?”

What the fuck…? Daniel was calling out for another man.

Jack’s eyes flew open, his stomach an ice block in the centre of his body. His initial shock soon became out and out terror as his vision cleared and he looked up to see not the broad shoulders and narrow waist of his lover, but the slighter form of a man with long, dark blond hair swaying against his shoulders as he moved above Jack. The startling vision deflated Jack’s erection immediately and, with a cry of alarm and fear, he pushed the young man off his body and scrambled over the bed and onto the floor beside it. His vision greyed for a moment as the adrenalin and rapid movement made his blood pressure drop. As his sight returned he looked reluctantly over to the bed to see the vision of the long haired man had morphed into the familiar face of his lover, who was staring at him with a mixture of deep concern and shock.

Jack was fighting for some kind of equilibrium as he watched Daniel slide across the bed. “Don’t…” he barked both as an order and a warning. “Don’t you fucking come near me…”

As the initial terror left his muscles he managed to rise and stand by the bed, out of reach of Daniel’s arms which were held in front of him almost in his signature ‘peaceful explorer’ pose. He looked disturbed, his chest heaving from shock and their earlier physical work out. Jack’s heart began to break into tiny pieces as his brain caught up with his body and relayed the message that Daniel had been yelling another man’s name. He felt caught between fight and flight, wanting to punish Daniel for an obvious infidelity and wanting to run away from the overwhelming heartbreak that was beginning to coil itself around his soul. He was also quietly freaking at the appearance of yet another unexplained ‘ghost’ whose shape was already beginning to slip from his memory.

Over the loud buzzing in his ears, Jack caught the sound of the panga’s outboard engine. A remote part of his brain told him that Juan still hadn’t got the carburettor sorted out. Making a snap decision and willing his frozen muscles to move, he rushed over to the balcony wall and looked over, to see Izel being helped off the boat.

“Izel,” he yelled, his voice breaking. “Tell Juan to hold the boat. I’ll be down in a moment.”

He turned to find Daniel standing right behind him, his beloved face lined with worry.

“Jack?” Daniel’s hand was raised and Jack knew he was going to touch him, draw him in, and he couldn’t let that happen. He was afraid and angry and unable to process the pain of betrayal that was turning his stomach to ice and his heart to stone.

“I said don’t fucking come near me!”

Daniel froze in place; his hand still raised, hovering just millimetres from his lover. Jack saw him swallow hard and the movement drew his eyes to the long column of Daniel’s throat and the smooth hard chest, still flushed from passion. Jack almost broke then; his stomach burned with acid and his arms ached to just hold his love. But it was too late. He had been betrayed, he was sure of that and the thought that Daniel had been sleeping with another man…On shaking legs he pushed past Daniel and made his way to the door.

“Jack, please. Baby, please tell me what’s wrong. Just calm down and talk to me.”

Jack turned in the doorway and looked back into the room. Daniel’s breath caught in his throat at the look of total desolation he saw in Jack’s eyes. The pain hit him like a physical blow and he involuntarily took a step back. Before he could recover Jack was gone, flying down the stairs and into the house.

When Daniel could no longer see him he could still hear his passage through downstairs rooms as any object that got in his way was summarily disposed of. Pulling himself together, Daniel grabbed the first pair of pants he found and dragged them on. On shaking legs he made his way down the terracotta steps and back into the main house. Izel was standing at the kitchen island, a look of alarm and total confusion on her face. Daniel didn’t have time to explain; he needed to get to Jack; needed to find out exactly what was going on with his lover.

Jack was in the master bedroom, hurriedly stuffing clothes into a large duffle. He was already dressed in jeans and a summer shirt, his feet pushed into the thong sandals he had bought in a market on the mainland.

“Jack? Where are you going?” Daniel was at a loss as to the reason for Jack’s behaviour, but it was scaring him. “Jack, please just talk to me.”

The blank, hard look that Jack gave him chilled Daniel to the bone. “I think I’ve heard enough words from you.” It was bitten out; sharp and cutting, meant to wound. Daniel was rocked by the force of it, but struggled to continue their dialogue, hoping against hope that he could find some way of getting through to Jack.

“Perhaps if you just stop a moment?” Daniel tried again to reach out for Jack, but this time was physically stopped by an upraised arm. Daniel could feel his enforced calm beginning to melt away. He was afraid and angry. Why was Jack acting like this? What could he possibly have done to make Jack want to leave? Then it hit Daniel that Jack wasn’t just leaving the island.

Jack was leaving Daniel.

“Please, Jack.” Daniel was desperate. He could see from the flinty hardness of Jack’s eyes and the set of his jaw that he wasn’t in a place where he would be willing to listen, but Daniel had to try. He couldn’t lose him, not here in paradise; not ever.

Jack was already moving. He pushed roughly past his dumbfounded lover and out into the main living area. He stopped for just a moment to look at Izel and seemed to make a decision. He dropped the duffle on the floor and pulled out the album that had been hurriedly stuffed under the coffee table a few days ago. Flipping back the pages he found what he was looking for. Daniel watched as Jack pulled out the photograph. It was a large, professional shot of a young Jack, his hair much longer than regulation, in a suit and dark blue shirt, standing next to Simon de’Vere. Neither man was smiling, but the connection between them was obvious even on that flat printed page. Again, Daniel felt a surge of jealousy and regret that his relationship with Jack had never been that open. Jack pulled the shot from its paper mount and quickly and efficiently stowed it in the top of the bag. Grabbing the handles he slung the duffle over his shoulder and walked out of the open French doors, onto the patio and then down to the beach beyond.

Suddenly Daniel was filled with anger. He wasn’t about to let Jack just walk away from their relationship; their life together. Galvanised into action he ran after his lover, getting to him just as Jack reached the boat.

“What the fuck are you doing, Jack?” he spat out. “Are you just going to leave without talking about this…whatever it is?”

Jack turned and once again his look was chilling. His eyes were swimming with moisture, but his gaze was dead and cold. “You wanna talk, Daniel?” he sneered. “You wanna tell me how you have the fucking nerve to be jealous of my relationship with Simon from over THIRTY years ago while you…You…” Jack clenched his fists, wanting nothing more than to punch Daniel; to let go of some of the pain and rage that was roiling in his gut. “Why don’t you give Russ a call? I’m sure he’d be happy to fly out here and talk to you all you’d like.” Jack turned away and began to wade the short distance through the surf to the moored panga.

Daniel couldn’t just let him go and although he knew it was foolhardy, he clutched at Jack’s arm and pulled the older man around to face him. Jack’s reaction was instantaneous. With a single lightening fast move he dumped Daniel on his ass in the surf. His hand was still outstretched when Daniel looked up and the young man could see the trembling Jack couldn’t hide.

Beneath all that rage Jack was falling apart.

Daniel watched defeated as Jack turned around and threw first his bag and then himself into the waiting boat.

Daniel tracked the boat as it made its way across the bay towards the mainland and didn’t stop watching until it disappeared completely from view. As the surf lapped over him he finally let himself believe it was all over between them and the tears that had been filling his eyes fell heavy and silent.

Izel had watched the unfolding drama from the patio doorway. She’d seen the angry exchange of the two men and did not recognize their obvious love for one another in the harsh words and physical violence. Her confusion had been compounded as, while Jack had climbed aboard the panga and Daniel lay breathless and distraught in the surf, she’d seen the figure of a long haired man. He was still standing there with his back to her, mid way between the house and the sea. His dark blonde hair hung straight down his back, reaching below his shoulders. He was thin and fine boned. Izel thought he probably didn’t eat or sleep well. She knew he was a spirit; as usual she could feel his aura, but there was something different about him, something she couldn’t place. She was about to disregard him, wanting to turn her attention to the living, hurting figure of Daniel, when the vision turned and looked straight at her. Izel gasped as she realized the spirit had Daniels face; the electric blue eyes burned out at her and they seemed to be begging her for help. He turned and pointed at Daniel and as her eyes followed his gesture, he was gone as suddenly as he had arrived. Izel hurried quickly down the steps and across the beach. Daniel was just rising from the surf. He was still looking out to sea as if hoping to see the boat returning.

“Mr. Daniel,” Izel called gently. “Come inside now. You should get dry.” He turned at her call and she gave a little cry at the depth of sorrow she saw. She had no doubt that he thought his lover was gone forever. “Come, Daniel,” she said more firmly, feeling the spirit of her Toci urging her on. “I think we have to talk.”


Daniel clasped the cup of coffee in both hands and looked into the dark liquid as if hoping to divine some truth from it. He felt totally bereft. It didn’t matter if he had his eyes open or closed: All he could see was the look in Jack’s eyes. That misery was reflected deep in Daniel’s heart and he thought he could never feel truly happy again.

“Mr. Daniel…Daniel…DANIEL!”

Daniel jumped a little. He’d never heard Izel raise her voice above a polite volume and her tone was commanding and strident.

“You must listen to me. There is something you should know.” The small woman slid onto the chair next to him and placed her plump brown hand on his.

“Where has he gone, Izel? We only have two more weeks of leave together…” Daniel’s voice broke on the last word. Were they still together? He really wasn’t sure and if they weren’t then Daniel didn’t know what he would do.

“I think I know where he has gone…” Izel gave a sigh as Daniel turned and looked at her expectantly. “If you were thinking clearly you would know, too,” she continued cryptically.

Daniel pushed the coffee mug away. He dropped his head down into his hands and tried to calm his racing brain. “I don’t even know what this was all about…and what do you mean there is something I should know?”

When he raised his head again, Izel took his hands in hers and began to speak in her quiet, accented voice. “When I was a little girl I would wake up in the middle of the night and find a small boy sitting at the end of my bed. He did not speak to me; in fact he was always very still, sitting in the same position. At first I was afraid. I would cover my head with my blankets and pray to the Virgin to protect me from the evil spirit. But one day, my Toci heard me praying and came into my room to see what I was doing.” The woman smiled warmly as she remembered her beloved grandmother. “I explained to her about the little boy and she kissed me on both cheeks, told me not to be afraid and said she would talk to me about it in the morning. Then she turned to the little boy and asked him to leave me to sleep in peace.” Izel shook her head in wonder. “He just disappeared into thin air and Toci tucked me in and told me to sleep and not to worry.” Izel stood and made her way to the kitchen, still telling her story over the half wall between the counter and the dining room.

“The next day she explained that I was very special and that I had a gift that had been handed down through the women of my family for many generations.”

“The sight…” Daniel breathed, half way between exasperation and wonder at her story.

“Yes. I can see the spirits of the dead. They come to me, but never speak, never touch me. I wondered at first what their purpose was, but then one day, I saw a little girl who had disappeared only days before.” Izel gave a sad smile and her eyes misted. “I was able to tell her family that she was dead and they were able to mourn her, instead of spending their lives wondering if she was really gone or not.”

“Izel,” Daniel said quietly, “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what this has to do with Jack. We know he’s not dead, he’s only just left.”

Izel gave him a wry smile. “Ah, young Daniel, I am getting to that.”

Daniel nodded and with difficulty schooled his features and leaned back into the chair.

“Before I tell you what I know, can you tell me something?” Izel asked, coming back to the table with a tray containing a jug of juice and two glasses.

“Anything if it will help me work out what went on here today, because frankly, Izel, I’m totally at a loss.”

“Very well. What did you look like when you were, oh, about 20 years of age?”The housekeeper poured two glasses of juice and took a sip from one as she watched Daniel process the question.

“Um,” he began uncertainly, “well…I was skinny, much thinner than I am now, but I had reached this height by then.” He shrugged his shoulders, unsure what else to say.

“Your hair,” Izel questioned. “Was it long?” She indicated with her hands just past her shoulder.

Daniel looked amazed. “Why, yes it was. It was my act of rebellion. My foster families always wanted me to keep it short; it was easier for them to deal with I suppose.” He sighed, “As soon as I got to college I began to grow it and by the time I was 21 it was right to my shoulders as you said.” Daniel grasped his juice glass with slightly trembling hands and took a little sip. “On my first dig I realized that it was totally impractical and decided to have it cut shorter. But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I cut it this short.” He ran his hand through his hair and flashed back to Jack doing the same thing only a few short hours ago. He swallowed down the lump that formed in his throat and turned his eyes back to the little woman across the table. “What has this all got to do with Jack, Izel, and how did you know about my hair?”

“This has never happened to me before, Daniel. But when I was watching Mr. Jack leave, I saw a young man on the beach with you.” She raised her eyebrows, waiting for Daniel to make the connection.

“But there was no one else there except for me and Jack, and of course Juan on the panga.” He insisted.

Izel reached across the table and grasped Daniel’s wrist with a deceptively strong grip. “I know what I saw. There was a young man, about your height only much thinner, with long, dark blonde hair. He stood behind you on the beach.” She leaned forward, hoping to get him to see her sincerity. “Normally this would be nothing to me. I would notice him and move on. But, Daniel,” she continued, her voice almost a whisper, “he turned, just before he disappeared and…He had your face.” Izel’s eyes were wide, her face open and truthful and Daniel could see she believed what she was telling him.

But how could that be?

“I’m here, Izel, and although the idea of being dead isn’t a new one for me, I guarantee you I am very much alive.” He was confused and a little concerned. Was this some kind of alien influence? Jack had been behaving out of character and now Izel was telling him she was the kid out of ‘Sixth Sense’, only the ‘dead’ person she was seeing was him.

“I do not understand it myself, “Izel explained carefully. “But this was not the first spirit I have seen while you have been here. This is the first time I have seen any of the dead at La Troza. According to Toci the spirits tend to come back to their home, or where they were most happy and as far as I know no one has died here at the Beach House, not for a very long time.”

Daniel was struggling to make sense of the information Izel had given him. Could this have any relevance to what had just happened with Jack?

“Jack didn’t mention seeing anything or anyone.”

Izel shook her head. “He may not have mentioned it, but I know he saw a young boy in the loft room only yesterday. I watched as he stared at the boy for several seconds.” The woman bit her bottom lip and looked a little shamefaced. “I thought perhaps Mr. Jack had the same gift as I,” she explained. “I, too, do not tell everyone about my gift. Many people do not understand and think it is from the Devil rather than from God. But now I wonder if he was seeing for the first time.”

Jack hadn’t said anything to Daniel and he was more than a little disturbed to find that Jack had kept seeing a supposed spirit child from him. “Jack has been very sick,” Daniel began to try to unravel what was going on. “Perhaps he thought he was hallucinating?”

Izel looked at Daniel expectantly. “Maybe, but that does not explain why he was so angry with you this morning.”

Suddenly something Jack had shouted at him as he left came back to Daniel.

“You wanna talk, Daniel? Why don’t you give Russ a call? I’m sure he’d be happy to fly out here and talk to you all you’d like.”

Daniel’s heart began to hammer in his chest. How could he have possibly forgotten? Russ…Daniel had been…What?..20, 21?

“Oh, Izel.”Daniel swallowed down a huge gulp of juice, trying desperately to get moisture back into his dust dry mouth. “Jack told me to talk to Russ if I wanted to talk to anyone.”

Izel nodded encouragingly. “Who is this Russ?”

“That’s just the thing, Izel. Jack didn’t know about Russ. In fact, I’d completely forgotten about him until now.” Daniel could feel his heart hammering in his chest. “Russ was the first man I really fell in love with. I was 21 and at college. I looked exactly as you described. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it seems that Jack heard Russ’s name.”Daniel shook his head in disbelief. “But it’s impossible. I know I didn’t say his name…Crap, I’ve only just remembered him right now.” He looked over at Izel, trying to make sense of the muddle of thoughts careering through his mind.

“Daniel,” Izel said quietly, pulling on his hand to get his attention. “Your Jack is going to Castle Blair.”

“To Scotland?” Daniel yelled, astonished. “To fucking Simon de’Vere!”

Izel blushed and Daniel stood quickly and moved to her side of the table. “Izel, I’m so sorry. It’s just that I have been jealous of Simon since I found out about him and Jack. If Jack thinks me and Russ…If he’s gone there thinking I…” Daniel felt his stomach lurch. “I have to go to the airport. I have to stop him getting on that plane.”

Izel nodded her understanding. “I cannot get another boat here for at least 3 hours. Juan was going up the coast again as the panga outboard is still not properly fixed. Another boat would have to come from further across the bay and even if I can get hold of the boatman it will take that long to get here.”

Daniel slammed his hand down on the table making the glasses and pitcher jump several inches. “Dammit! He could be in the air on his way to Scotland by then.”

“Stay calm, Mr. Daniel. I will make the call now and see how quickly they can get here.” She patted him gently on the forearm. “Maybe you should pack a bag and find out about flights?”

The young man nodded his thanks as he slumped back down at the table. He stared ahead without seeing as the faint sound of Izel’s voice speaking to the boatman drifted across the large room. He felt frozen. All the unbelievable things he had seen and done over the years in the Stargate program and it was something here on Earth that had totally floored him. His thoughts were racing as he tried to make sense of everything he had heard and remembered, but it was all a jumble in his mind. He jumped in surprise as he felt Izel’s warm hand on his shoulder.

“Come, Daniel. I will help you pack a bag and then you will show me how wonderful the internet is.” She continued to chatter as she manoeuvred him towards the master suite. “My grandsons tell me that anything is possible with an internet connection and a credit card…Although why they know about that at 9 and 12 years old I have no idea…”


Twenty minutes later Daniel was booked on a flight from Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport in Puerto Vallarta to Dallas Fort Worth. From there it would be a 9 hour flight to London Heathrow before boarding an internal flight to Edinburgh and then a short hop to Wick. His overall travel time would be nearly 24 hours and Daniel hoped against hope that he could catch up with Jack before that became necessary. However, the longer the boat took to arrive, the more certain he was that Jack would have begun that same journey three hours ahead of him. Daniel felt sick with anxiety that in the worst case scenario it would be a day and a half before he could be face to face with his love again and finally able to sort out the mess they’d found themselves in.

Izel watched helplessly as Daniel became more and more agitated, his fingers constantly tapping a disjointed rhythm on the table top as he scanned the horizon for any sign of the boat. Every few minutes he lifted his cell phone and tried again to contact Jack, leaving the same message every time.

“Jack, please…I need to talk to you. Something about all this just doesn’t make sense. Please, baby, just give me a call so we can talk about it. I love you.”

A frantic search through his bag for the charger when the battery died made Daniel realise that if Jack hadn’t answered by now he wasn’t going to. He left the phone on the counter to recharge, but couldn’t help walking back to it every few minutes to check for missed calls even though he had the ring tone on its loudest setting.

In fact it was over 4 hours before a boat arrived. Izel hugged Daniel and made him promise that he would call her as soon as he arrived at Castle Blair. She pushed her cell phone number, a flask of coffee and a bag of the little sweet biscuits he loved so much into his hands and then gently kissed his cheek.

“You will be back, Daniel; You and your Jack. Then you will finish your vacation and be happy.”

Daniel tried to smile back, but his heart felt too heavy. “I hope you’re right Izel. I hope to God you’re right.”

As Daniel watched the house and Izel get smaller as the mainland drew closer he couldn’t help wondering how things got turned upside down. They had arrived there so in love, so ready for this magical vacation. Jack had done everything in his power to make it fun and relaxing. Yet all they had done was argue and accuse. However unlikely it was, Daniel hoped there was some outside influence at work because if not then he wasn’t sure if they could salvage their relationship.

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