Sauce for the Goose

Title: Sauce for the Goose
Fandom/Genre: SG1 AU
Relationship(s): Jack/Daniel
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mild D/s
Word Count: 4740
Beta: annejackdanny
A/N: Originally appeared in the Charity Zine – A Friend in Need. This story was originally a birthday present for my brilliant beta and friend. This is the slightly longer, revised version. For the story behind the leather pants and the trip to Paris read annejackdanny’s story, ‘Things to Do in Paris’.
Summary: Jack learns that Daniel doesn’t share well with others.

sauce for the goose comp 2

It was hot, much too hot and the music was way too loud; but Jack was having the time of his life.

The club was heaving with people and no one could move without rubbing some part of their anatomy against someone else. The clientele were exclusively male and mostly over thirty. The few younger men were either waiters or ‘hosts’ brought in by the management to provide a little variety for those who liked their encounters on the ‘twinky’ side.

Although he was getting lots of admiring looks Jack wasn’t here looking to hook up; he didn’t need to. He had arrived with the most beautiful man on the planet, in fact, the Universe if sundry snakes and the odd bounty hunter were to be believed. It seemed that quite a lot of others in the club agreed with that assessment if the attention said man was getting was anything to go by.

Jack was sitting at the bar watching Daniel dancing with the third or fourth guy so far. It was strange; Jack had always imagined that he would be possessive to the point of rage if anyone hit on his archaeologist. Actually, the first two or three times they had been here, Jack had found it very difficult to stay on his bar stool while Danny was strutting his stuff with some Bear or Leather Queen.

However, the totally incandescent sex they’d had on returning home was reward enough for his patience and forbearance. Jack was learning to enjoy the benefits of watching his gorgeous lover tease and tempt others whilst going home with him to his bed. Also his boy could really dance; he was graceful and wanton at the same time. Arms stretched above him, head thrown back, he was pure sin and Jack loved every inch of him.

Just last month they had indulged in their first foray into bondage and it had been the very sight of Daniel with his arms held high above his head that had planted the seed in Jack’s mind. They had played out Jack’s fantasy and it had been unbelievably hot. Jack was hoping for a repeat performance tonight and couldn’t help replay it as he watched Daniel dancing.

Daniel stood, fastened at the wrists, from a cord hastily fashioned from several of Jack’s silk ties. One end was tied to the door handle and slung over the closed door to receive the willing ‘victim.’ He knew Danny expected him to be rough; Jack expected that too; thought that there would be no holding himself back. But the urge to simply touch overtook Jack, and he spent nearly an hour gently teasing his lover to a highly aroused state. Trailing his fingers and soft mouth over his lover’s naked skin reduced Daniel to a trembling mass of want. He begged and pleaded Jack for release, but the older man was determined to touch every inch of his beloved’s body with hands and lips before he would satisfy him.

Finally he relented. Pressing a passionate kiss to Danny’s mouth Jack pushed a long finger, slick with lube, deep inside him. Howling Jack’s name, Daniel’s whole body convulsed as he came in spectacular spurts over them both. Without pausing the stretching and scissoring of his fingers, Jack moved across his chest and belly, licking him clean with long passes of his tongue over hyper-sensitized skin. As Daniel’s legs decided they could no longer hold him, Jack grabbed Danny behind the knees and hauled them high around his waist as he positioned his cock and then pushed him down. Daniel cried out as Jack sank deep inside him. It took all Jack’s will and control not to come on the first thrust. Danny’s hot, tight channel tugged his orgasm from his balls and sent sensation zinging to the top of his head. Jack stood, panting, for several moments before he could move again. By this time Daniel was urging him on with moans and cries; long strings of curses and pleas that fell from his mouth as he felt his own need growing again.

“Oh God, fuck…Jack…Please…fuck…make me…take me. Yeah! Do it; do it…Ohfuckohchrist fuckfuck …Gonna…Gonna yes fuck yes…YES…YEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

Jack’s last sight, as his vision blurred and his orgasm roared through him, was Daniel, wide eyed and open mouthed in ecstasy. Jack came so hard he could hardly stand and they both ended up pressed heavily against the door before Jack pulled on the knot at Daniel’s wrists and they sank boneless to the floor.

Jack shifted on the bar stool as the memory shifted blood into his groin. Not only was the thought of the scene they would play out cranking up Jack’s libido, but the way Daniel was dressed tonight was enough to make Jack’s mouth water. When Jack had laid eyes on Danny’s outfit they nearly hadn’t made it out of the house: Deepest black jeans, so tight you could see the fine definition in his thigh and butt muscles: Crisp white cotton shirt, unbuttoned at the throat: Long black leather coat cinched at the waist by a buckled belt and jet black boots with a slight Cuban heel, bringing him to the same height as Jack. Once they’d gotten on the road to Denver, Jack had felt the excitement growing deep in his belly. He knew all the guys at the club would be creaming their pants just at the sight of his beautiful lover, and he’d already been anticipating the fun they would have when they got home.

Jack scowled at his beer bottle, lost in thought. They hadn’t discussed it, but Jack had thought long and hard about whether he would like to experience being tied up. His first reaction to the thought had been ‘Hell No!’, but as he had considered it further and realized how much toe-curling pleasure Daniel had got from it, he had begun to reconsider his position. His experiences in Iraq and as the guest of many a snakehead, meant that he was no stranger to the less pleasurable effects of being bound; but with Daniel in charge? The idea of Daniel as the dominant partner in a scene made Jack’s mouth dry and his dick fill. Maybe if the opportunity arose…

Feeling his thickening cock fighting with his complaining bladder Jack downed his beer and made his way across the dance floor towards the bathrooms on the other side. He made a detour via the gyrating body of his partner and, placing one hand behind Daniel’s head and the other on his butt, treated him to a heart-stopping kiss. As they parted Jack was gifted with a melting smile from his loved one and a scowl from Daniel’s dance mate. Dropping the poor sap a wink Jack sauntered off between the heaving bodies, sporting a shit-eating grin.

The club was really very civilized, offering two kinds of conveniences: One for those wishing to simply use the facilities, another for those with more esoteric pursuits in mind. Jack chose the former, not wishing to get caught up in anyone else’s playtime. He peed with difficulty, as his hard on was unwilling to quit just because he needed to go. He tucked himself back into his slacks enjoying a little surreptitious pass over the head of his cock that made him shiver with anticipation. He washed his hands and then made his way back out into the club.

As he walked across the dance floor he found himself pulled into the arms of a stranger who proceeded to wind himself around Jack, pressing himself suggestively against chest and crotch. Jack’s first impulse was to deck the guy, but he held himself back, not wanting to cause the kind of scene that would get him thrown out of the club and  into Daniel’s bad books. That was an outcome not to be considered. Still, the man was smiling at him so nicely and Jack soon realized he was really rather attractive.

“Hi there, silver fox,” the guy purred into his ear seductively.

O’Neill’s ego enjoyed the stroking and he let himself be led deeper onto the dance floor. He looked for Daniel, but couldn’t find him in the press of bodies around him. Deciding there was no harm in a little fun he let the young man drag him further into the gyrating crowd. ‘Hey!’ he thought, ‘What’s sauce for the goose’.


Daniel made his way off the dance floor and over to the bar after his latest dance partner left in a huff. ‘It probably didn’t help having to watch me have my tonsils tickled by my hunky lover,’ Daniel thought with a chuckle. He ordered a Coke for himself and another beer for Jack before turning to watch the gathered crowd as it moved in sync with the pounding beat.

What he didn’t expect to see was his SO entwined with a handsome Latin boy who was much younger than either of them. He stood about four inches shorter than Jack with pale golden skin and almost waist length black curly hair. He wore nothing but an open leather waistcoat and sprayed-on blue jeans. However, it was the look on his lover’s face that made a red mist descend in front of Daniel’s eyes. Jack was wearing a big smile and seemed to be really getting into the movement of the young man’s body against his own, his hands straying just a little too close to the twink’s tight little butt for Daniel’s taste. The kid pressed his mouth to Jack’s ear and Daniel watched as Jack gave him a big smile. Daniel found himself clenching his teeth and curling his hands into fists.

Dressed in a cream open necked shirt, which really highlighted his tanned skin, chocolate brown chinos, black suede desert boots and a short leather jacket, Daniel had to admit Jack was looking particularly hot. Jack’s outfit was topped by silver hair and deep brown eyes. Daniel had no doubt that the boy currently hanging from Jack’s neck had every reason to be attracted to him.

But. Jack. Was. His.

The rush of dangerous, possessive anger that flooded through Daniel, making his blood thrum in his veins would have shocked him if he had been in any mental state to assess what was going on. But contemplative thought was the furthest thing from his mind. His inner caveman was telling him he needed to get that little fuck away from his man as quickly as possible.

Daniel felt a cold calm settle over him. He called the barman over and ordered a double JD which he downed in one swallow. Setting his sights on his errant lover he made his way over the dance floor towards his quarry. The crowd parted in front of him, his mood radiating from him as loudly as the music. He could see that Jack was unaware of the hostile force headed his way; he was enjoying himself far too much. His ego was obviously overriding his higher thought processes. Well, Daniel was unwilling for that to continue any longer.

When he finally got to his prey and caught his eye Daniel was gratified to see something akin to fear flicker across Jack’s eyes. Placing one hand on his lover’s shoulder and the other in the long hair of his rival he pulled them forcibly apart.

“Going home now, Jack,” he ground out.

“Danny?” Jack tried to put a hand on his lover’s face, but Daniel batted it away.

The Latin boy squealed and made some noise about Jack having a choice, but it was all noise; all Daniel could hear was the rushing of blood in his ears and a voice in his head chanting ‘Mine, Mine, MINE!’


“Daniel,” Jack tried again, “What the fuck is going on with you?” But there was no response from Daniel; he simply stared at Jack, his eyes stormy and hooded. Some of the people around them were starting to nudge each other and whisper and Jack had no intention of starting a row here in the middle of the crowded club. So he let Daniel grab his arm and decided to have this out with his furious lover when they got to the truck.

Pushing a bemused Jack in front of him Daniel stalked off the dance floor. Manhandling his lover past the curious stares of the other patrons in the club Daniel headed for the cloakroom. He quickly checked out both their coats and didn’t stop walking, with a silent, wary Jack loping beside him, until they reached the truck.

Pulling the truck keys from the pocket of Jack’s jacket he keyed the remote and forcefully threw their coats onto the rear bench seat. When Jack opened his mouth to speak Daniel silenced him with a hard open-mouthed kiss. As he pinned Jack against the truck door Daniel felt a surge of power as he realized his newly added bulk meant he could now hold his lover at bay. When he released Jack from his forceful grip he turned without a word and swung into the driver’s seat. Jack clicked open the passenger door and swung up into the cab. He’d hardly got the door closed before Daniel was spinning the steering wheel and powering out of the parking lot in a shower of dirt.

The journey home was tense. When Jack’s attempts to talk had been shut down with a blast from hot blue lasers from the driving seat he seemed to decide that silence was probably his best bet for now. It was obvious that Daniel didn’t want to talk. It was also obvious that Daniel wanted to show Jack that he Did.Not.Share. Jack was beginning to realize that what he saw as tit-for-tat behavior had rung some of Daniel’s possessive bells. Jack could feel himself getting aroused at the idea that this could be the precursor to some really hot sex; at least he hoped so. Maybe even to culmination of his earlier fantasy. Jack decided to sit back and let the whole thing just play out.

The distance from Denver to Colorado Springs had never seemed so far and had never taken such a short time to drive. Daniel had broken every speed limit and only providence had kept him from being pulled over. But caution was gone to the winds of passion and possession; to say Daniel didn’t care about caution was putting it mildly.

He turned into Jack’s street driving like a man possessed; although being the possessed could not be farther from the truth.


Daniel drove into Jack’s driveway in a style that would have made Jack proud if he hadn’t been so unsettled by Daniel’s out of character behavior. Half way home he had admitted to himself that he was partly worried and partly turned on by this whole Alpha thing Danny had going on. Surely he couldn’t be angry about him dancing with that boy; after all it was no more than Daniel had been doing for the past few months. Despite the little frisson of excitement that was bubbling in his groin Jack felt slightly aggrieved at Daniel’s aggressive over-reaction to him dancing with someone else. Jack squared his shoulders and decided he wasn’t going to let Danny walk all over him; he was ‘the General’ after all. Pulling his house keys from his pocket he jumped down from the truck and strode up the path to the front door.

No sooner was the door open than Daniel pushed past him. Flinging his coat over the counter the younger man pulled his shirt over his head. He threw it at Jack and didn’t wait to see where it landed. Jack watched open mouthed as Daniel poured himself three fingers of bourbon and then, grabbing his coat, strode off down the corridor towards the bedroom. Unsure whether they were fighting Jack decided a stiff drink was in order for him, too. He splashed the liquor into a glass and then wandered the house, sipping at it while doing his normal perimeter check. If it took him a while to check all the doors and windows it wasn’t because he was putting off facing Daniel. At least that’s what he told himself as he made sure his jacket was properly hung in the hall closet and placed his boots just so by the front door. Eventually he had to give in and made his way along the hallway to the bedroom.

The drapes were drawn and the room was in darkness as Jack walked through the door. He turned to find the light switch and was stilled by one quiet but deadly sounding word.


“Daniel, listen…I don’t know what you think was going on in the club, but it was no more than you do every time we go there,” Jack snapped out. He felt his way to the bed and, after taking a swallow of his whiskey, placed the glass down on the side table. He looked up quickly as an arm moved passed him to flick on the bedside lamp. Daniel stood in front of him, barefoot and bare-chested; the buttons of his jeans open so far that Jack could see he had gone commando; the dark blond curls of his pubic hair clearly visible. But it was the fact that Daniel was still wearing his long leather coat that slammed arousal into Jack’s gut. His lover looked like some dark avenging angel and so hot that he must BE the original sin.

“Strip.” Daniel’s sapphire eyes were uncompromising. Jack was sure he would brook no argument so he began to comply. His hands were trembling as he slipped the buttons of his shirt and he wondered exactly when he’d lost control. He was soon completely naked and waited to find out where this night was going. It was obvious that whatever would happen tonight, Daniel was going to be in charge. Jack was already painfully hard. He was sure that if Daniel laid a finger on him he would go off like a rocket. It was as if Daniel had heard his fantasy from earlier that night.

“On the bed,” Daniel demanded.

Jack slid across onto his back, but sat up fast as he saw the four silk neck ties his lover held in his hand. He felt his hands start to sweat.

“Aht, Jack. What’s sauce for the goose…,” Daniel drawled, his eyebrows raised.

Jack was amazed to hear his own thoughts from earlier that evening reflected back at him.

As his eyes flicked from the ties to Daniel’s predatory gaze Daniel noticed a flash of anxiety as it flickered across Jack’s face. Daniel pressed his hand to Jack’s cheek, pulling him in for a deep kiss. The touch of his lover’s lips grounded Jack, bringing him back into the room and away from the faint pull of dark memories that threatened to put a damper on the evening for both of them.

“Choose a safe word, baby, and then trust me,” Daniel whispered tenderly. “If you want me to stop just say your word.”

Jack did trust him; trusted him with his life on a daily basis. He had admitted to himself only a few hours ago that he wanted to try this so why was it so hard? Daniel’s hand on his face and the tingling aftershock of his kiss made Jack feel the warm pull of arousal despite the trickle of cold that had invaded his gut.

“I…I do trust you,” he forced out through dry lips. “Walter…my safe word is Walter.”

A little smirk twisted Daniel’s mouth and then the dark angel was back. Jack felt his heart rate rise as Daniel took his hand and pressed a kiss to his inner wrist before tying it to the bed head. Jack couldn’t help himself; he pulled on the restraint testing it; wanting it but not believing he wanted it. Before Jack knew it he was tied hand and foot, his legs spread apart, and Daniel was standing at the bottom of the bed, still looking dangerous in dark leather.

“Now tell me, Jack, exactly what were you thinking in the club tonight?” The brittle coolness of Daniel’s voice was like a shiver of ice water trickling down Jack’s spine. He swallowed hard and wondered why he was finding it so difficult to look away from the heated gaze drilling into him from the end of the bed.

“How hot you were, and how much I pitied those poor saps dancing with you.”

“And how about when you were almost fucking that little prick on the dance floor?”

Jack’s cock gave a twitch at the possessive tone in Daniel’s voice. The younger man walked around to the side of the bed and reached down, taking hold of the treacherous body part and giving it one firm stroke from top to bottom. Jack moaned long and low, his breath catching in his throat.


“That if you could do it then so could I.” Jack tried for belligerent, but the reply just came off as apologetic. He still couldn’t take his eyes of Daniel; he was so terrifyingly beautiful.

“Have I ever, EVER, let anyone crawl all over me like that?”

Jack shook his head mutely; he was finding it hard to breath. He could smell Daniel; all warm leather, aftershave, sweat and arousal. God he wanted him so much; wanted him to do something, anything to relieve the growing ache in his balls and his gut.

“I think you were too busy thinking with this.” Daniel stroked once more up Jack’s fully erect cock swiping his thumb across the head and then pushing the wet digit into Jack’s mouth. Jack shamelessly suckled at it, tasting his own pre-come and was amazed at how arousing the submissive gesture was.

“Well, sluts get to be sluts, Jack. Let’s see how you feel about that.”

Daniel slid off his jeans and kicked them to the side. He returned to the end of the bed and began to slowly stroke his stiff cock whilst fondling his balls with his other hand. The leather of his coat creaked and hissed as he teased Jack with his wanton display. Jack heard himself whimper, but couldn’t seem to care. He wanted Danny – any way he could have him he would take.

Daniel seemed to hear his unspoken pleas and moved up the bed, ending up straddling Jack’s chest; knees pushed into his armpits.

“Suck me.” Daniel demanded, his tone totally uncompromising.

Jack had no defense against the onslaught of arousal those two words slammed into his groin. His mouth engulfed Daniel’s hard length, greedily sucking and swallowing. He let his tongue draw patterns across the head as he pulled it in as deeply as he could; the flavor of his lover adding to the excitement coiling in his gut. He cried out with loss and followed with his mouth as the cock was pulled away.

“Ah… Ah… Aaah… You don’t get to choose. After all you are the slut.” Daniel moved back down Jack’s body to kneel between his outstretched legs.

Jack thought he would come there and then as Daniel drew a bottle of Astroglide from his coat pocket and squirted some over his cock and balls. His lover followed the dripping lube, tracing his perineum with long cool fingers to the start of his cleft and his tight pucker.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Jack, first with my fingers and then my cock. You will not come until I tell you to.” Daniel’s voice was dark and sultry.

Jack was sure it would be possible to come from that tone alone. He struggled against the restraints, not wanting to wait: Wanting to touch and fondle and jerk off. He was so very close. All he needed was a little touch.

“Please, Daniel. I won’t dance with anyone again. I’ll just watch you. Fercryinoutloud, Danny, you’re killing me here. Please, baby…Fuck…Please.” Pleas and entreaties fell from his lips; he desperately needed to come and he wasn’t too proud to beg.

All his begging fell on deaf ears. Daniel simply shook his head and slid two fingers straight into Jack, making him hiss with combined pleasure/pain. Jack’s head thrashed on the pillow as he tried to raise himself up and fought against the knots, but Daniel had done too good a job and he was unable to move far.

Soon the long fingers were working his hole, passing over Jack’s prostate with an unerring aim. His thighs and forearms were trembling with the strain of holding off his impending orgasm. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Danny removed his fingers and reached back into his coat for the lube. Jack bit his cheek as he watched the clear fluid slick over Daniel’s cock, making it glisten. It looked bigger than it ever had before and Jack knew he couldn’t wait to feel it deep inside him.

With a flick of his wrists, Daniel released the knots on Jack’s ankles. Holding his lover’s feet he pressed Jack’s knee’s up towards his chest. Sliding in behind them Daniel slid his thighs under Jack’s and lined himself up. Jack only had time to realize the slick pressure on his hole was the head of Daniel’s cock before the younger man pushed in. With one long stroke he was deep inside and for the first time Danny moaned deep in his throat.

“God! Jack. You’re so fucking tight. I’m gonna fuck you and I’m gonna come so hard, and you’re going to wait for me, do you hear me.”

Jack could only moan, all cogent thought completely gone from his sex-drugged brain. Daniel was lying over him now, Jack’s legs tightly wrapped around his waist. All of Daniel’s weight was bearing down on Jack and the older man thought that if Daniel never got off him it would be too soon. His lover was over and around and inside him and he felt more loved and cherished than ever before. And if Daniel wanted him to wait to come then he would, even if he died trying.

Daniel started letting go of his control, his cries and moans fueling Jack’s arousal to untenable heights. It was taking everything Jack had to hold on; the pressure and friction on his too hard cock between their bodies was only just the right side of painful. Danny was stroking deep and hard, his breath coming out in sharp pants. Jack was only aware on a sensual level, all rational thought gone. Daniel was joined with him and the leather coat lay across them adding its own warmth and scent to the mix.

Just as Jack thought he would lose himself and never find a way back, Daniel gave a cry of triumph and pounded into him hard and fast; punctuating his thrusts with words that fell from his lips like liquid love.

“Now, Jack. Come for me…Fuck…Baby…Come.For.Me.”

And Jack was coming and coming, hard and long and so very strong. And he heard Daniel scream his name and it was so gut-wrenchingly sweet. Then he was crying like a baby; sobbing how much he loved Daniel and how he would never, could never leave him, until suddenly the world went away and there was nothing but white noise and the pounding of two hearts against his chest.

Later, when they had both recovered from their cataclysmic shared orgasm; after Daniel had kissed him and told him that he loved him and that he was sorry for being so jealous; after Jack had held Daniel close and started to find himself again, he pressed a kiss into his beautiful boy’s hair.

“Let’s not go back to the club for a while, Danny,” he whispered quietly.

“OK. I suppose.”

“I just…I got a little carried away,” Jack admitted sheepishly.

“Well, if that’s what you want,” Danny agreed. “Although…”


“Well, I was thinking…next time I could wear those leather pants you bought me in Paris.”



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