Questions, Questions

Title: Questions, Questions
Fandom/Genre: SG1 AU
Relationship(s): Jack/Kid!Daniel
Content Rating: Gen
Word Count: 642
Beta: None
A/N: A tiny bit of fluffy nonsense, so sweet it makes my teeth ache and I wrote it!
Summary: Three year old Danny still knows how to ask the difficult questions.
Dannys eyes

“Daddy Jack..?”

“Yes Danny.” Jack looked over at his 3 year old ward, who had only 6 months ago been the most brilliant man on the planet. Now he was a beautiful, bright and inquisitive pre-schooler with no memories of who or what he had been.

They were sitting at opposite ends of the table, Jack engrossed in the Hockey scores and Danny busy colouring a picture for his preschool teacher Miss Diane. Danny’s tongue peeked out of the side of his mouth as he tried to stay within the lines of the donkey he was filling in. The poor animal was a mixture of lime green and purple with the brightest pink mane that Jack had ever seen.

The little tyke looked up, his bright blue eyes full of curiosity and charm. Jack knew that everyone Danny met was instantly beguiled by them and even though he knew the mischief he could wreak Jack had to work hard not to give him whatever he wanted.

“What did Frankenstein smell of?”

Jack frowned. What had Teal’c been showing the kid on their Saturday film nights together? Jack had envisioned them watching animated classics like Snow White and Bambi, not 50’s black and white horror movies. Still he thought he had better answer the question; not that he had any idea really. However, he knew if he didn’t then Danny might worry about it and he really did not need any more early morning nightmare wake-up calls.

“I don’t know really know kiddo. He was made of bits of dead people so not very nice I suppose…”

Jack mentally slapped himself on the forehead. ‘Way to stop nightmares, bonehead’ he thought crossly.

“Ewwww,” Danny wrinkled his nose and made a vomiting noise.

“Cut it out,” Jack reprimanded. Jack had learned to rue that particular noise when Danny had made it in the commissary only last week when Janice the server had asked him if he liked the meatloaf. Since then she had been very cool with Jack and he was sure his pie portions had been getting smaller and smaller.

“Why would the Baby Jesus want that?” Danny asked as he carefully gave the donkey blue and orange plaid hooves.

“The Baby Jesus…?” That was out of left field but there wasn’t time for Jack to think that through before Danny carried on.

“If the King did carry the Frankenstein on the camel I suppose he wouldn’t smell it tho, cos those camel’s is verrry stinky isn’t they.” The Donkey’s eye was black and pale grey and looked vaguely Gou’ald-ish to Jack: And why not, this conversation was getting more and more surreal by the minute.

“Which King, Danny and what has this got to do with the Baby Jesus.”

Danny gave a sigh so reminiscent of his big self that Jack felt a little pang of loss.

“Because the Kingses did bring Gou’ald, Frankenstein and S’mores to the Baby Jesus, and Miss Diane said that Frankenstein was smelly so I just did wonder…What does Frankenstein smell like?”

Jack thought he was going to stroke out. The effort of holding in the gales of laughter that would no doubt upset the little enquiring mind in front of him was literally killing him. Red faced and gasping he knew he had to share this with the rest of the team.

“Well I don’t know sport. Why dontcha ring Aunty Sam and ask her.”

With little legs flailing the tiny boy slid down from the kitchen chair and raced to the telephone. Jack had programmed Sam, Teal’c, Janet and George Hammond into the speed dial, and Daniel was very proud that he could ring his friends without his Daddy Jack’s help.

Jack had to hold his aching stomach as he heard the little voice piping out.

“Aunty Sam, Aunty Sam…What does Frankenstein smell like?”


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