I'm a middle-aged teenager with delusions of creative genius, who lives in the UK. My OTP is Jack/Daniel, closely followed by McShep, with Gibbs/DiNozzo coming in a very close third...So if I'm honest, military men and their gorgeous, smart sidekicks. Oh, and not forgetting Harry/Draco, which is more of the same really I suppose! I love to read fanfic, especially anything with a bonding element. Sentinel crossovers are my all-time favourites. If you write them, I will co... OK you get the idea.

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Just a note to say I’ve updated ‘If I Ever Lose My faith in You’ under the Rough Trade Challenge Stories Tab in the menu. Nothing has changed that much, but I did a second draft in preparation for this years LBD challenge on Rough Trade, as it will be a sequel of sorts. In …

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