Welcome to my Fanfic page, where I’ll be posting my stories for the pen names SGDiva and Bindingdiva.

I write in the Stargate, NCIS and Harry Potter Fandoms. I will be posting all my stories here over the next few weeks and then adding as new ones are written. I will also be adding pages for WIP updates.

My OTP is Jack/Daniel, closely followed by McShep, Gibbs/DiNozzo and Harry/Draco. I love to read and spend many hours a day enjoying the best that the Fanfic world has to offer.

My stories will not always have a beta – if they do it will be mentioned in the notes at the beginning of the story. Unsolicited beta is not welcomed, so please don’t leave comments about grammar etc. as they will be deleted. I am a Brit and have decided to stick with UK spellings on the whole, although some of my beta’d stories will differ depending on the beta.

Please note: I write predominantly slash (graphic m/m sex). While not all stories will have graphic content this site is not suitable for anyone below the age of consent in your country. Please take this into consideration when you decide to read.

Pull up a cushion, get comfortable and enjoy!

Disclaimer: All show characters belong to their respective studios and writers. I make no profit from the writing of these stories.

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  1. Rebecca Hanelt

    I just find shed reading ‘No Drum Beats for You’ on Rough Trade… GREAT STORY! Very much enjoyed your descriptions of the characters, their back stories, their dynamics and how each interacts with every other in your story! As soon as I finished reading that story, I googled to see if I could find more of your work and found this site, I now look forward to reading the rest of your works. Like you, I am definitely a big fan of Jack/Daniel, McShep and anything that involves bonding 😀

    1. bindingdiva

      Thanks so much. No Drum is still in second draft but I’m hoping to have it ready for beta soon. 😀

  2. annieanne0807

    Hello just found you story No drums beat for you will you be posting it here soon.

    1. bindingdiva

      No Drum is in second draft at the moment but I’m hoping to have it to beta soon. I’ll post on the RT ‘Past Challenges’ page when it’s posted. Thanks for commenting 😀

  3. Felicia

    Hi! I’m looking for a story – Between the Tears and the Rain? Do you have it posted somewhere?

    1. bindingdiva

      This story it’s one of the ones that fell through the gaps last year and you’ve reminded me that it existed!? Now Nano is over for this year, I’m going to knuckle down and get them edited and up here and on my AO3 account. It’ll probably be after Xmas as this time of year is manic…for everyone I think. Thanks for being interested enough to comment. I’ll email you when it’s up ?

  4. free4913


    I’m looking for a fic you did for Rough Trade, ” Nothing ’bout me”. Will you be posting it anywhere? I really enjoyed it and would love to read it again.

    1. bindingdiva

      Hi. Thanks for taking an interest in my stories. Nothing bout me is in second draft. I’m going to be updating my site soon, and then I’ll post all the challenge stories from Rough Trade. 😀

      1. free4913

        Thank you!

  5. Findmeastory

    I love Nothing About Me, so glad I found it again! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  6. Constanc3

    I was reading the latest Little Black Dress Challenge posts and was very excited about Seven Days, your sequel to St Augustine in Hell. I look forward to reading my way through your site 😉

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